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Breakfast Topic: The noob old days {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 8:47PM Oh and also...

I knew what LFG was. But I had the vague thought that "looking for more" meant...well, kind of what personal ads in the paper mean when they say "wanted for friendship or more".

Breakfast Topic: The noob old days {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 8:23PM I used to gaze longingly at the big 2 handed weapons in that shop over from the pub in SW's Old Town. The white weapons that sold for amazing prices like 2 - 5 g each. I couldn't imagine having that much money but I thought that if I ever did, I would SO be getting one of those.

By the time I had a gold or two to spare, I had found out that green weapons were better. So imagine my joy when i found the Executioner's Sword at a vendor in Wetlands. I felt that was just the thing for my hunter.

I have no idea why I had this fixation with large unsuitable 2 handed swords but it lasted till I was at least level 40. I reasoned that it didn't matter because it's not like I was often in melee anyway. I didn't understand that some stats on a weapon applied whether or not you were actually using it to deal damage.

Breakfast Topic: Emotes to improve cross faction communication {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 3:44PM It would be good if there were occasional specific events or situations where you could cross-faction communicate or even group.

During some kind of world event would make sense...maybe killing a holiday boss.

Obviously there are already no shortage of precedents for alliance and horde working together, so that part of it wouldn't need explaining, all you'd need is an ingame reason why all of a sudden we can understand each other and form groups.

For example, for killing Omen, players on both sides could be transformed into Scions of Elune which look like their usual toons only white and glowy, and they communicate using a common language (Lunari or whatever). And while in that state it will be like with the zombies..they form a separate faction that is neither alliance or horde.

Rolling restarts for Tuesday, March 3rd {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 1:21AM Well. I don't know about the rest of you, but on my server any Tuesday night, round about closedown, chat is an constant stream of "How long is server closedown for?" "Is it a restart" 'Is it for 8 hours..", all as if:

- The answer wasn't on your loading screen
- The loading screen was a lie. Other people have "secret" information about the nature of the closedown and will be persuaded to divulge it
- If you ask the same question 2.3 seconds after someone else has, the answer will magically be different amd may even include the words "Yes! The server will close down for 8 hours for everyone but you, and by the way here is a set of free epics and a ticket to the all night NPC-only special jelly wrestling event in Darnassus to fill in those lonely hours..."

So I have no problem with Wowinsider pointing out the obvious, because sometimes the obvious does need to be pointed out.

Breakfast Topic: Why reroll? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2009 3:10PM I seldom actually delete toons. But after getting my first to 70, I instantly retired him and rolled my current main. I'd worked out by around level 50 that I really hated playing a hunter, but stuck with it because I felt I'd invested that much time already that I might as well continue and who knows, maybe I'd enjoy it more at max level (I didn't!). He's useful for his craft skills but I doubt I'll ever play him again.

Any attempt I've ever made to play humans, belfs or warlocks always end up in deletion. The highest level character I ever deleted was a level 25 belf lock (and that was back in the days when locks hadn't been gutted).

Breakfast Topic: Most frustrating moment {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 5:03PM Heigan continues to be a constant source of frustration for me. I am really not an idiot. I have no problems with Frogger, or Sarth's lava waves, or the eyestalk corridor on the way to Loatheb, or Grobb's gas clouds, and am capable of safely crossing in Thaddius without zapping anyone. In general, those places that tend to claim a few lives every time, or things that require timing or quick reactions are really not an issue for me.

But Heigan is the only boss I will usually die on. What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that the erupti0n that kills me always looks like it was somewhere else altogether.

Ulduar vehicles will scale with gear {WoW}

Feb 18th 2009 4:14PM I hope that they introduce a mechanism that will allow you to have some out-of-raid training in the vehicles, in the way that Aces High works for Malygos practice.

A standalone daily quest wouldn't be an exact replica of raid conditions, neither do I think it should be.

But if you've had a chance to get entirely used to the mechanics of a vehicle then at least when you do it in Ulduar, you'll be free to concentrate on the stuff that really matters, ie. the tactics and teamwork.

Breakfast Topic: Dual specs {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 6:11PM I like my resto shaman even for solo daily questing, so I'm not sure that I even want to have a second spec.

Also, although I'm a fair healer, for some reason I've never been any good at DPS classes, so it doesn't seem fair on guildies and friends to lumber them with a second rate DPS.

However I guess there's times that it will be handy to have a good healer replaced by a mediocre DPS (Thaddius 25 springs to mind) so I'll opt for enhancement for offspec. Not the smartest choice, gear wise, I know.

I'm going to have more trouble with my paladin at level cap though, because I still can't decide what spec I like best for him.

The Queue: From Hell's heart I stab at thee... {WoW}

Feb 12th 2009 8:23PM I find the various vehicle-based quests to be really time efficient, such as the various shooting/bombing/dragon flying ones. Even Aces High is quick once you have the hang of it. Also little or no risk of death-based downtime with most of these.

On my server I seldom see anyone doing them when I'm there, so that also removes the delay and/or annoyance caused by competition for resources.

I like that in a lot of the places where you do get a lot of players at the same time after daily mobs, Blizz seem to have tuned the respawn rate just right. Again, that's just how I find it on my server. It might be worse on others.