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Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your Feral (bear) Druid at 80, part 3 {WoW}

Feb 12th 2009 4:25AM Just checked out your armory (Thursday morning) was kinda bored on skool so i though lets check and maybe help a fellow druid.

I have some items u can look for but mostly its luck u need 2 get them or emblems (heroism and Valor)

Wanna start with your Cloak, i see u using more of a DPS cloak then a tanking cloak like:

Durable Nerubhide Cloak: (u can make it yourself as a LW)
Platinum Mesh Cloak: (bought with 25 Emblems of Valor)

Then the next one is your belt slot:

its a nice belt but as in the post by Allison Robert the best belt is still:

Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt: (drops from last boss in UK HC)

Ring and Boots u mentioned yourself so i'm not gonna spend words on that.

Last its your 2nd Trinket: Defender's Code.

Its made useless after 3.0.8 cuz of the not multiplying armor from trinkets rings and weapon.

There several trinkets u can use in that slot but it all depends on what u going for.
Myself i started off with getting average/high stamina gear with a decent amount of dodge (currently around 39% in bear totally unbuffed).
so i chose for:
Valor Medal of the First War: (84 dodge rating (2.13% on 80) with a use that grants u a other 335 dodge rating (8.51% on 80))

Atm i got what i want from the stamina/dodge gear so i'm gonna replace some items for hit and expertise items so i can get that capped with a nice amount of dodge and stamina left.

if u wanna do that u can better go for:

Grim Toll: (drops from Plague Quarter Naxx 25)

If u wanna go for Hit and Expertise cap socket as much as possible on expertise and hit and drop some stamina sockets.

GL with your gear and if u have any question u can find me on:
Realm: Karazhan
Name: Healingtank

btw here my armory:

Gear is still on Stamina/Dodge but changing it when i have my set

Greetz Healingtank