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The Queue: Patch 4.0.1 bonanza {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 3:44PM What happened to the removal of the epic gem transmute cooldown? I am hearing that Alchemists are getting random cooldowns, instead of either the old cooldown or the supposed removal of the cooldown.
I invested quite a bit of gold on this new market and so far have not been able to capitalize on it.

Spiritual Guidance: Priest tier 10 examined {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 2:36PM Ok so how come there is no Leveling Guide for Priests?

I gave up leveling my priest and I blame it all on you. I wouldn't know how to get up and make coffee in the morning if didn't have a guide for it. So no more priest leveling until you get busy!
By the way, I am leveling my Mage, because, well... yeah:

Breakfast Topic: Most emotional boss encounter? {WoW}

Sep 1st 2009 1:50PM Seriously is this the level has sunk to? I know you guys wake up in the morning sometimes and struggle to come up with a topic, but for heavens sake - if this is the best you can come up with, please stay in bed.
While has been an exceptional journalistic effort and has produced some amazing stories and analysis, I have seen a slow creep in some areas to the inane and pointless. Is this the drivel your fine site is going to be known for?
EMOTIONAL encounter? Good god people, you are approaching the level of the fans who Shatner famously told to "Get a life." in that well-know SNL skit. Emotional encounter? I could tell you mine, but it would not be printable.
How 'bout we try to keep things in perspective and not sink to this level.
Fine. Lets talk about our Favorite bosses. Our most memorable Role Playing even. But lets find more constructive topics that our most Emotional boss encounter. Or the NPC we fell in love with. Or the day we cried when a gnome ganked us...

Elitist Jerks and Opera team up for WoW browser {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 3:07PM Shawn,
Well I am sorry you based your entire opinion of Opera on an Alpha product. Maybe you should try the current build of Opera 9?
Also - a browser should not come with all the addons you mentioned. Twitter? never used it never will. Gmail? got it in Googletalk. Adblocker? Seriously? An adbocker built into your browser? Totally unneccessary. There are better ways to do this.
Bottom line is these are preferences for each individual and to call out a browser for not giving you them up front is just wrong. Why would I want YOUR addons in my Opera?

Suhas - rock on - thx.

As to other comments - the one i DO agree with is the search problem. It probably should come with at least two. If you want to add Yahoo, make sure the url is: Sorry - i removed google from all my browsers so dont have that one.

Elitist Jerks and Opera team up for WoW browser {WoW}

Jun 26th 2009 1:44PM Your comments, while positive on the surface, are clearly ambivalent and perhapse skewed by your preference for Firefox.

As an IT Professional who spends a majority of his day online and uses IE, Firefox and Opera, I can say that Opera is superior to both browsers. My the ability to navigate quickly and manage multiple pages easily allows me to get answers to my tech problems in the shortest amount of time on Opera. Also, the bookmarking ability far exceeds IE and FF. I could go on all day but I wont...

Readers - please give Opera a whirl - you will likely abandon all else.

The Queue: From Hell's heart I stab at thee... {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 11:29AM The defense cap for warriors has been established as 540. My question is: what does def above that cap do? Is 600 def better than 541 def? I am assuming that once you push crits off the table, extra def does nothing.