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Drama Mamas: My guildie is a registered sex offender {WoW}

Aug 16th 2011 4:12PM Regardless of whether the person is kicked or remains in the guild I would open a ticket to Blizzard and advise them of what you were told. I would imagine they would do a history of the person's comments in gchat, etc. as a precaution.

As an aside, you guys really need a standardised list across all your states.
Also, some of the offences that can land you on that list need to be removed altogether (I'm only going on the comments already posted, so apologies if this is inaccurate). The fact that public indecency shares the same list as offences against children is disturbing to say the least. If someone exposes themselves in public then they need to be shamed publicly (eg. make them walk down a street carrying a sign of what they did). If someone harms a child then they need to be on the list - not to name and shame - but as a preventative measure for parents to help protect their child.

Two Bosses Enter: Vanessa VanCleef vs. Cardboard Assassin {WoW}

May 10th 2011 1:28AM I've never paid any attention to these articles before but now I'm going to make it my business to see that the Cardboard Assassin reigns supreme.

My vote goes to the badass cut-out.

The Queue: R-r-repeat {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 8:44PM Question for the queue:

I'm levelling a new rogue (subtlety) and went to check out your rookie guides but I think they may be out dated. Are there any plans in the short term to roll out some new guides? Or can any kind rogue out there tell me what I ought to be doing rotation wise at level 50?
Assassin and Combat are fairly straight forward but can't seem to get a handle on subtlety. The other specs apparently perform better in dungeons but alas aren't nearly as cool.

The Queue: Clearance {WoW}

Jan 10th 2011 2:52PM I'd like to find out what I did to piss off Tol Barad. Every time I zone in to that place it tries to make me drive off the side of the bridge :)

New official Jaina and Sylvanas character bios {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 8:24PM Well sure, I mean - what else are you going to do with your free time?

Guildwatch: Bad form {WoW}

May 20th 2009 6:06PM If you are pugging an instance then it means you can't do it on your own as a guild. He helped you out, therefore he deserves the loot as much as anyone else. You can make people aware that they aren't entitled to the gear beforehand and that's all well and good. The decent thing though is let them roll on the gear.

To make things easier for people reading your comment you broke it up into three parts. Many thanks. If I could draw your attention to the (c) section........well, it makes you sound like a bit of a dick to be honest. Just an FYI ;)

Officers' Quarters: Ball and chain {WoW}

Apr 27th 2009 2:34PM If she is dying on environmental hazards and the strats have been explained multiple times to her then it could be a connection issue. Ask her to only have WoW running and all the settings set to low. It makes dodging hazards much easier. Also, if she needs it explained many times maybe she is conscious of the fact that she has let the raid down before and is nervous as a result.

Other than that, I have no time for people pissing and moaning about other players and calling them noobs, etc. WoW is a MMO, if you don't play well with others then go back to your offline games.

Whilst I'm on my soapbox I might as well say that I don't believe WoW is a game of skill. Knowing when to step out of fire/jump/etc does not take skill, just eyes. And same goes for having the maximum dps or whatever - you get the gear and rotation down then you spam it. If you want to try testing your skill then try beating Geese Howard in Capcom Vs SNK. He is one mean bastard :(

Anyways, to get back on topic, I get the impression she is a dps class, if so then dps are expendable (I'm one myself), however good raidleaders are not. So suck it up and continue to help her. I would be more than happy with just one bad player in a raid if the RL was as good as you say yours is. Also, as he is the RL is he already aware that she may be struggling so whispering it to him may not be a good idea. I would invite the both of them into a party and say that you think she may be having difficulties in raids and that you want to help her out as Ulduar is very tough. That way you are acknowledging the fact that she is under-performing whilst not throwing it in her face. Oh yeah, and on that note, I think Failbot is a bad idea. I find it about as helpful as people posting their dps meters in chat. Take her on heroic runs with environmental hazards or anything that you think she needs to work on. Some people would argue why bother doing this for her and that you pay €15 per month to play your game and not play other people's games for them. All I can say to that is that's what I think the idea behind having guildies is for.

I know I'm going to get voted down but please don't have my post grey out......I don't know how those people get the strength to keep on living, lol.

Staff changes at WoW Insider {WoW}

Feb 19th 2009 5:31PM "And BigRedKitty got too big for his Huntery britches"
Not sure if that's a joke or not but Mike sure did seem a little pissed with him on the podcast two weeks ago. Lol, plus he 'lost' the intro that BRK sent him. He only managed to give in and agree to play it on the next podcast after people were spamming it in the ustream chat. The podcast always feels a little stale without his personality.
Anyways, with BRK leaving I think I've lost interest in WoWinsider and will try another site. The only other blogger I was really interested in was BigBearButt but haven't seen him post here in ages. Shame as I been following it every day since I picked up TBC on it's release. Avidly too.....ha, during the invasion just before Wrath I was refreshing it and checking it throughout the day. Well best of luck guys :)

Aside: As I'll prob be voted down for my comment I should maybe say that whilst a hunter is my main, I also have a L80 Pally and a DK (but not sure if dk's count, lol).

WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon on Ustream {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 11:01PM I don't see BRK's name anywhere in the post. Does that mean he's going to ninja the show again? I hope so ^^
I sorta got the impression that Mike wasn't entirely thrilled to have him on again on the last podcast but maybe I just missed out on a joke or something.
Anyways, I was thinking that would be pretty cool would be if there was a section were the 'lesser classes' could email BRK to ask him how to improve their class to be more like hunters - though it'd probably just be a one shot joke. Still would be a funny skit I think.
Also, where the heck is BigBearButt? that guy was hilarious too. We need him back.
By the way, I was listening to the Joystiq podcast and heard Chris slag off Justin that a patch note post on WoWinsider had been read by more people than his review. I don't think any of those jokers play WoW so how about a cross promotional podcast (or whatever it's called) where you could have BRK try to convince Ludwig that WoW is more fun than his favourite JRPG? I think the personalities of both shows colliding would be worth the entrance fee, lol.
Anyways, this is my first post so apologies for the length and the fact that it is somewhat disjointed, and cheers for the always entertaining podcast :)