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Sunday Morning Funnies: 98% agree {WoW}

May 31st 2009 3:50PM there can be azn humans. i've seen it.

The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

May 31st 2009 3:48PM i love the internet.

The Queue: Sometimes you just want to be a superhero {WoW}

May 26th 2009 8:06PM i'll say this. City of Heroes is damn fun.

but after you play WoW then go back to CoH, you're like, "um so where are all my skills?"

CoH has some extremely cool features, but it's boring as all hell.

Travel powers though, i've always said and will always say, is the #1 thing WoW should take an example from CoH.

Totem Talk: Mystery DPS leak? {WoW}

May 15th 2009 3:27PM it's probably a bunch of factors, like re-glyphing, loss of 4pc and some of the amazing stats of cloth items going to clothy types right out of the gate.

like the Ej thread kinda points out, nothing is "broke" (at this point) it just kinda looks like the perfect storm of changes made things just seem off.

for all we know the 4pc T7 was "broken" and inflating the LvB damage.

Please give me something to grind {WoW}

Feb 15th 2009 2:56PM i was just saying this the other day.

you finish raid content on wed. then you've got nothing else to do, till next tuesday.