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[1.Local] Meltdown -- the Ice Stone, loot issues and curves ahead {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 1:41AM The Ice Stone has melted!

Yes, I would use dual specs before 80. And I'm a new player.
And contrary to what "Muse" says, as a new player, I would love to attempt instances at their recommended level to get a genuine feeling from them, instead of just getting to a higher level and run around obliterating everything. If anything, dual specs would make the game more enjoyable for new players like me.

Let's face it, there is a drought of anything that's not DPS right now. The first time I had a chance to actually run an instance the way it was meant to be was when I reached Outland! All the oldies just think about rushing through old world content as fast as possible (and who can blame them), leaving only a few genuinely new players left. Would you spec as a healer or tank if you knew you would have to solo most of the time? If you knew changing your spec will cost you more and more gold the more you do it? Maybe you would. Maybe your level 80 could cover the costs and help you rush through the game. That's not an option for new people. Dual specs would allow them to fill roles needed at any moment. Making groups and dungeons (one of the most fun things in this game in my opinion) a much better experience than what it is now.

Would that confuse new players? No. By allowing players to freely taste and learn about the different roles their class can perform from a low or mid-level and up would give them more experience by the time they reach end-game. Not to mention give them a chance to still experience old content the way it was meant to be. The way most of you already had a chance to.

Finally, Blizzard are damn hypocrites. If they give a damn so much about confusing new players, why did they decided to give an entirely new "Hero" class, with different mechanics and talents, starting at level 55, for free to everyone? Yeah, that's definitely not gonna confuse the shit out of anyone using it for the first time. Specially new players. Come up with a better excuse, FFS...