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Scattered Shots: MoP hunter changes galore {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 5:16AM Boobah Mar 29th 2012 6:00PM
So, does Beast Cleave, Kill Command, and Glyph of Marked for Death allow you to put a mark on every mob in a pile?

If that's possible here's hoping the Hunter's Mark graphic gets a size reduction/change to keep your screen from exploding when mass adds show up.

I'm anxious to see some cosmetic glyphs for hunters. Different Hunter's Mark graphics? I like the Darkmoon Faire version and a Horde/Alliance one would be spiffy too.

Addon Spotlight: Mists of Pandaria Beta UI upgrades {WoW}

Mar 30th 2012 4:41AM I hope they add the search feature to vendors and the mailbox

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: 60-day prepaid game cards from {WoW}

Jan 1st 2012 5:00PM Winning North America entry here!