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Ready Check: Catacysm raid changes a tier later {WoW}

Jun 18th 2011 8:50AM Before I comment, some background: we are a 10man casual guild with 4/13 down, although we've done minimal raiding in the past 4 weeks due to graduations/breaks/early summer vacations pre-Firelands. But 3 of those heroic bosses went down in our first night of attempts on them - in other words, we haven't spent days learning bosses. Our raiders are smart, reactive, and learn fast. On our server, we are 6th in progression, and of the 5 guilds ahead of us, 4 are 25man guilds and have been hardcore raiding guilds for many years.

That said, every progressed raider (in those guilds) that I've spoken to regarding 25 vs 10 difficulty has said that 10s are a heck of a lot harder and they'd rather stick to their 25s. They're a lot less forgiving, because there's a lot less room for error. You mention AMZ and the fact that a lot less damage goes out in 10s, but since there are fewer total cooldown abilities available to 10 raiders, this is hardly an argument that 10s are easier. For example, on average in our 10s we have maybe 3 raidwall-type abilities available to us, and a heck of a lot more than 3 times when they are needed, particularly at the heroic level. Composition is a lot more particular for 10s, which you mention, but I feel like you completely underestimate the impact this makes on the level of challenge.

Also, I'm confused by your argument about solo-healing Chimaeron. The timing alone can be faster than the *GCD* allows. We single-tank a lot of regular bosses now, including Halfus and Omni, but, like Matticus, I'd like to know what is being solo-healed. And I'd like to see their logs too. For educational purposes, of course.

All of this said, I'm not arguing that we (10man raiders) should have any special consideration or any changes or whatever - I like the level of challenge and think it's a good test of players. I just don't buy the argument that 25s are harder. The difficulty of the content is balanced by the number of cooldown abilities available to the raid.

Raid Rx: 2010, a healing retrospective {WoW}

Dec 31st 2010 10:12AM Because of RL stuff and trying to coordinate questing with friends, I didn't hit 85 until Dec 18 on my resto druid main. The next day she was geared enough to queue for heroics - between one piece of crafted gear, the 4k justice points I'd saved, and all the rep gear, I just made the cutoff. That first day was rough, but the next day I healed heroic Vortex Pinnacle on her, which I continued to do for a few more days. By now, I've healed every heroic, not running more than 2 per day (usually just once a day) because they take a long time... but the healing is not hard at all. At this point, my overall iLvl is 347 and I spend a good deal of time dpsing during both trash and boss fights, and my tank uses my roots and/or hibernate often. We have to heal carefully and not waste mana. We have to pay attention to fight mechanics, because some fights do not require that we heal the party much at all (SFK comes to mind) and our job becomes cake. We have to let dps who is standing in fire or lava or ice, etc, die, so that they will learn and not do it again. Yes, we have to play *well*. But it's not impossible to heal and we have a lot of power in our hands - er, branches. The key is to use it efficiently and thoughtfully.

I was pretty stressed about all the talk of healing pre-Cata, because I love my resto druid best of all. But I'm not stressed at all anymore. I'm enjoying myself quite a lot.

Re: heroic raids - yeah, as reluctant as I am to admit that there's anything I *can't* do (because I never give up), I understand why hardcore progression guilds make these kinds of decisions.

All the World's a Stage: Waking up in a Shattered world {WoW}

Nov 28th 2010 6:39PM Emily, it ultimately depends upon how involved you've been in the end content up to this point. If you got into Ruby Sanctum then you heard Halion shout (in phase 3 of the fight) about being "the herald of Deathwing" and then, upon death, that wouldn't be able to stop "the master's" return. Korialstrasz (Krasus) all but confirms this. Then, as time passed and the cultists began appearing in Stormwind (I only know the Alliance side of things) and you're sent to investigate, the banners surrounding the communication portal in Elwynn were the same as are prominently displayed inside the Ruby Sanctum. Perhaps you would remember this... there's certainly reason to believe you could make the connection. Quest after quest over the subsequent weeks brought us closer to connecting all of the dots - from the Ruby Sanctum all the way through to the elementals and the earthquakes. We hear Cho'gal talk about "the master" - and yes, "the master" is a general identifier that could apply to anyone... but given all the pieces of the puzzle, there plenty of reasons to come to the correct conclusion here. Could we know that Deathwing was causing the earth to shake? No. Could we suspect with good evidence that Deathwing was alive and active in the world? Absolutely. Of course, we're past all of that now since, yes, he's flying through the world torching things. (Not that I've seen him yet, but a guildmate has, which, for RP purposes, is sufficient to the story.)

Anne, I do have a question: You state that NPCs in the game don't talk about the Emerald Nightmare, but I disagree with that. In fact, we were given nearly the complete story during the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain. Conversations with Malfurion, Keeper Remulos and Eranikus give us pretty much the entire thing. Anyone who killed any one of the Nightmare Dragons and got the drop (or went with someone to turn it in) got even more of the story. Assuming you're in a guild situation, even if you hadn't experienced these events first-hand, you could presume that you would have shared the story of all you had seen and heard about the Nightmare - it's pretty epic stuff.

Breakfast Topic: The GM's wife {WoW}

Oct 27th 2010 9:34AM I'm a gaming wife and GM of a moderately-sized casual RP/Raiding/PvP guild (yes, we do it all, and we do it fairly successfully). I'm one of very few women in the guild and one of only 2 that actually speaks on vent (my 16yr old daughter is the other). Our guild is one of the oldest on the server (and might be the oldest, by now) and has had many GMs, though I've lasted the longest at its helm. I often point out that it isn't actually "my" guild... I'm just leading it for the moment. I'm fortunate to have the support of an officer staff and guild members who don't see my gender, only my ability to lead and to make good decisions for our guild. Some of these guys have been in the guild longer than I have, so their support means the world. Regardless, we've grown immensely under my leadership, almost tripling in numbers from when I took over. We barely raided when I became GM (ulduar was end content then), but we walked into ICC the week it opened, and have downed LK twice (before the 30% buff).

I'm sure that those concerned about sexism will jump on your topic, but I understand what you're saying and, to be honest, I find that it goes both ways... which is why I'm posting here. My husband's actions certainly do reflect upon me and we've had conversations about what is and is not appropriate. He was promoted to a raid leader position based upon merit, and - perhaps unfairly - I held him to a higher standard than my other officers, because I am GM and he's my spouse.

As far as dealing with the "good ol' boys" - there's no room for them in my guild, and if they did show up, the men would run them out of town even faster than I would. Respect exists because of compassion and humanity and is something every person has a right to, regardless of gender, race, political or religious affiliations or sexual orientation.

Shifting Perspectives: Predictions for Cataclysm druids {WoW}

Oct 6th 2010 12:11PM I like change. I like learning new things and dealing with new challenges. That said, I really feel like they're changing what is fundamentally unique about being a resto druid and that hurts. Though I might have privately mourned the loss of the permanent Tree form, that's not *who we are* - it's just a form (albeit a wonderful one). There's challenge in learning when to use that CD ability and that's intriguing. "Who we are" is mobile, HoT healers... and that is definitely worth raising a fuss over, because it's taking a huge hit. HoTs refreshed by a direct heal - and a long-cast direct heal at that? HoT healing feels punitive right now and I admit I'm worried about that. The only thing I'm really angry about, however, is the massive nerf to our combat rez - the one really unique perk to being a Tree. I've told my guild they'd better not die, ever. They won't be getting rezzed.

And the fact that our buff doesn't stack with Kings is just.... gah, I'm just shaking my head. I may be resto4life but I don't get what they're doing to us and I'm not a happy Tree.

Breakfast Topic: Which vanity pets have captured your heart? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2010 8:27AM My main is a resto druid and I've had the tree frog at my side for every raid encounter in the game. That tree frog has seen more raid bosses downed than a lot of players have :)

The crimson whelpling and the emerald whelpling are close seconds/thirds... but there's an RP story there.

Cataclysm currency exchange rates {WoW}

Sep 15th 2010 1:07PM The current prices for t10 on the PTR are really high for this conversion rate - at the current currency rate I can buy 1 piece of t10 AND a few heirlooms and gems. But at that conversion rate, if the prices on the PTR are accurate, then I can buy one of the lower-cost t10 items.... and nothing else. Basically a huge net loss. Please tell me I'm wrong?

Win sweet prizes from the new, new WoW Insider {WoW}

Sep 14th 2010 1:25PM woot for prizes!!

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Sep 13th 2010 11:42AM Sheesh. He's had to spend more time responding to QQ than talking development. That's a sad state of affairs. Can we just muzzle all the QQers irl and be done with it? You should have to go through "Forum QQ-Elimination Training" or something before being accepted for the beta so that our friendly neighborhood Ghostcrawler doesn't have to deal with so much riffraff.

Breakfast Topic: Revenge is oh so sweet {WoW}

Sep 12th 2010 11:53AM HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! PURE genius!

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