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Use brute force, Luke {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 1:28AM This was meant to be a reply to a comment on the first page. ._.

Use brute force, Luke {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 1:27AM Reminds me of some of the stuff me and my friends used to do. During a BT fun run, myself, another rogue, and a handful of hunters chained them, one after the other. Had bosses run in to use one at a time before going back to the tank. We stopped when we messed it up and caused a death though, who'd have though five people could simultaneously get the timing wrong, and all misclick onto the same person? >_>

Use brute force, Luke {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 1:19AM "The first time a healer or dps deliberately pulls something, I say "OK, next time somebody pulls something, I'm done." Let's see if they find THAT faster."

Mistakes happen. Playing a shadow priest, I've had mind sear pull extra because my target started to run away. I've also had Shadowfiend (on aggro, no attacks means no mana means wasted cooldown) run off and grab other mobs, both as DPS and healing. Plus, tab targetting to get dots on all the mobs in a pull, tab to one not in the pull. Hell, I use the middle mouse button for vent, and released it over an AB button last night. I now know you can use the middle mouse button to click keys.
On my rogue, I've had Fan of Knives bug and hit mobs below me, bringing them, and any pulls before them up to us.

One little bug, mislick, or even just an honest mistake is all it takes. You know it's been done deliberately when you see a melee turn to face another pull moments before they come running, or have ranged stacking on you so your AoE grabs them when they come.

Use brute force, Luke {WoW}

Dec 24th 2009 12:48AM "They've had time to watch you in action, they know what they can and can't get away with."
"If this new rogue burns tricks on you every cooldown... thank him?"

Playing my rogue, I'll burn tricks on every cooldown in a RLFG. I'll continue to do so until I'm certain the tank will hold aggro if I don't. The tank I normally run with, he never gets it. He does however know that about five seconds after he pulls, all my major offensive cooldowns will have been used, and is ready to taunt off me just in case. It's the same thing as you were saying, it's not knowing what we can and can't get away with.
For the same token, I wont even think about pulling more, or purposely trying to steal aggro to dance with the mob unless it's my tank friend and a healer that I know.

On my healer, I'll commonly pull more mobs and bubble myself. But again, only with my tank friend, and I'll tell him over vent before I do. He expects it, and waits for me to do it, and tends to time it so whatever mob it is doesn't get past him. It's all about being familiar with the people you're playing with. It doesn't just count for tanks, it counts for everyone.

I think you missed some stuff too.

Don't just make adjustments, make adjustments to those adjustments.
If you change how you do something and it doesn't work, don't just do it again. Like say, H CoS's gauntlet. If you don't normally stop half way between clear points, that's fine. If you try and do it in a pug and wipe, then you shouldn't be doing it with that group. Run back and stop halfway. Don't just go it again. And if the problem is mobs going from you to the healer, then maybe, just maybe, you should do something to get aggro on them.

Don't tell people how to do their jobs.
Healing a pally tank, easy trash, I'll look at their mana. If it's low, I won't bubble them. I'll let them take the damage, so they need healing, so they get mana back. Having that pally then yell at you for not using a bubble? Not fun. I'm not going to let you die. I can keep you alive without bubbling you. You refuse to stop and drink, so if I bubble you, you can't hold threat.
Knowing that I have enough mana to run the entire instance without ooming, but the tank insisting I drink because I need mana? Not fun. I have 25k mana unbuffed as a disc priest, I can go into the Black Knight with 10% mana, and not oom. I know how much mana I need, I know how much I can get back quickly. Don't try and tell me I don't know my class. Especially after I've explained it to you.

Those two immediately jump to mind, but there's plenty of other gripes with RLFG tanks I've had.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day eleven loot code giveaway {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 9:51AM I love those things!

The Queue: Wherein we are aghast {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 9:55PM Kael'thas: You're partially right, but missed some important points. Kael'thas realised Illidan's growing insanity and he moved on to a new, more powerful master. Namely, Illidan's enemy, Kil'jaeden. Kael was obsessed with creating a glorious home for his people, and was willing to do whatever it took. However, what he thought was the right thing turned some of his followers, the Scryers, against him. The playable BE's had no idea about any of this until they reached Dreanor, but expected the promised home. Upon seeing what Kael had done, they understandably turned against him. With his own race turning against him for trying to help them, Kael's mental condition obviously got worse and worse, until he was the nut job seen in TK. Having his own bretheren attempt to kill him is reason enough for his mentality in MGT.

Also, Illidan's source of magical energy was most likely demonic, so Kael was tainted long before he turned to Kil'Jaeden. And, well, as someone else said, we see the physical effects of Fel Magic, but we can't see the psychological impact. That probably has something to do with it too.

Illidan: "An individual that was damned by his own weakness, and spent 10,000 years paying for his mistakes. Given a second chance, but still falls into the same trap of succumbing to his addiction. He sincerely wanted to help fight the scourge, but not even his own brother trusted him."

That part is exactly right. Then you miss something extremelly important.

"Alone, he made a deal with Kil'jaden to destroy the Lich King, but in failing he had to escape to Outland and fight against the Legion and secure a sanctuary."

Yes, he made the deal. Yes, he fled to Outland. But, after imprisoning Magtheridon and amassing an army, Kil'Jaeden confronted him about his failure. Illidan claimed the army was to make another attempt, and did just that. Illidan fought his way to the throne, but rather than destroying it right away, he fought Arthas. He fought Arthas and lost. He was too weak to destroy the throne after being defeated, and was taken back to the Black Temple. This is where the insanity really begins. He beleives he was the victor, and Arthas was defeated. From there, it snowballed. He allowed attacks on Shattarath, created Fel Orcs, and everything else. He too, see's the hate toward him as betrayal. Throw in Old Gods messing with his mind, and you have one warped and twisted individual. He too, did what he thought he had to do. He too, was turned on by his bretherin.

Sylvanas: Sylvanas is driving by hate, both for Arthas, and the living who escaped her fate. She wants them to suffer as much as she did. That one's pretty much self explanatory I think.

TL;DR: You either missed a lot, or ignored it. WoW is a game that's driven by content. To fully expand on a character as complex as Illidan or Kael'Thas, you need to devote a lot of time to it. Single player games have cinematics and indepth, completely explained stories. WoW has evolving content designed to be varied. Characters are developed outside the game, if you're interested in them, go read the comics and books.

Two Bosses Enter: Eck the Ferocious vs. Tribunal of Ages {WoW}

Oct 9th 2009 1:55AM Deep inside Gundrak, a monstrous being stirs. Hungry and alone, he leaps over the piles of bones surrounding him, looking for a meal. He leaves his damp room and enters a large chamber. Empty. He roars in frustration and wanders throughout the large complex, finding no food, until he comes a glowing portal. Feeling drawn to the portal, he touches it and is instantly transported to the outside of the building. Outside the building are hundreds of trolls. Food! He leaps from Troll to Troll, biting them in half and devouring them. Having fed, he begins to search for a new home. Heading vaguely north, he comes to a range of mountains. Conjuring all his strength, he leaps from ledge to ledge until he reaches the top. He looks over snowy landscape and is awed by the sight. He leaps down, and starts to wander. After many days and nights of searching for a new home, he comes to a giant hole in the ground. The structure around the edges reminding him of the stories of the Great Ones he heard when he was young, he peers down into the darkness. He hears a terrible screech behind him and turns around to see a Proto-Drake swooping towards him, talons outstretched. He spits bile at the Drake, but it's too late. The Proto-Drake hits him, pushing him over the edge. He falls for what seems a lifetime before he finally hits the ground and is knocked unconscious.

When he awakes, a strange creature is standing nearby, a look of amazement on it's face.
"A Gurloc!" The creature exclaims, "a big one too!"
The beast climbs to it's feet, and eyes the creature, wondering if it is big enough to eat.
"Wait!" The creature cries, seeing his impending doom, "I'm on your side! Brann Bronzebeard, that's me! I'm searching for Titan relics, the shiny treasure of the Great Ones!"
The beast freezes hearing the words, then using almost forgotten vocalizations, he replies.
"Shiny Treasures? Eck help!"

The two fight side by side for a while, escaping the pit and searching for information about the Titans. Eventually, they make their way to the Halls of Stone. Fighting their way forward, they come to a small room with three faces carved into the walls. Brann rushes to a small console at the back.

"This is it!" He exclaims.
"Warning! Life form pattern not recognized. Archival processing terminated. Continued interference will result in targeted response." Rings out through the room in a strange voice.
"I hope you're hungry, Eck!" Brann yells.
"Security breach in progress. Analysis of historical archives transferred to lower priority queue. Countermeasures engaged." The voice continued.
A spell hits Eck, hurting him. He leaps at the source, one of the faces on the wall. He tries to scratch it, bite it, but it does nothing. He jumps back down as a group of Iron Dwarves run towards Brann, biting them in half one by one, he stops them. More keep coming, but Eck keeps killing them with ease.
Brann, still playing with the console, looks over his shoulder and yells to Eck. "Couple more minutes and I'll--"
"Threat index threshold exceeded. Celestial archive aborted. Security level heightened." Another strange voice interrupts.
More Iron Dwarves come, and Eck keeps killing them. Then he sees a purple ball coming towards him. He jumps out the way and spits bile over the Dwarves. Another balls comes towards him, but he's too slow. He roars in frustration at the Dwarves begin to come faster and hit harder. Distracted by the purple orbs, Eck starts to slip, the Dwarves start to amass. Eck spits on them, melting some of them, but more keep coming. Feeling tired, Eck works himself into a frenzy, jumping from Dwarf to Dwarf, biting them in half, slowly gaining the upper hand.
"So that was the problem? Now I'm makin' progress..." Eck hears Brann over the din of the battle.
"Critical threat index. Void analysis diverted. Initiating sanitization protocol." Says a third voice.
A pair of Iron Golems rush toward Eck. He spits on them, then tries to bite. His teeth unable to peirce them, they start to hit him. One of the two Golems falls to the ground, the bile having done it's job. The remaining Golem hammers Eck, stunning him for a moment. A huge beam hits Eck, melting the ground around him. Eck desperately tries to jump out of it, but he no longer has the strength. He collapses to the ground as more Dwarves and Golems rush past him.
"Brann!" He calls out to his friend in his dying breath.
"You did your best Eck!" Brann yells back as the enemies reach him. "I couldn't have asked for a better companion!

Patch 3.3 PTR: Celebrating with free TCG loot {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2009 1:34AM Go go! I predict 2000 comments minimum by closing!

15 Minutes of Fame: Habbo's Sulka Haro {WoW}

Sep 29th 2009 4:26PM "Allowing people in the same group to always enter the same phase might remedy this quite a bit. "

I've been thinking the same thing myself. Having levelled multiple toons to 80, I know well the pain of Icecrown quests. Plus, I got a friend killed running to Fordragon Hold with her on follow, when I was phased and she wasn't. Solution? Make it work like instance locks and have the party's phase match the leaders, as long as everyone is on the same phase, or a further one. So for instance, you get a group together for the Riders quests. Person 1, 2, and 3 are on them, person 4 has done them, but is up to The Fate of Bloodbane, while person 5 is earlier in the chain. Make person 1, 2, or 3 the leader, person 4 enters the same phase, while person 5 still needs to catch up. Make person 5 leader and everyone can enter the same phase as they are and help them catch up.

A critical examination of Garrosh Hellscream {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2009 4:25AM "I find it hard to think that she would do that, knowing that with her help, the "new " forsaken could have held thier own against thrall pretty easily, if not destroyed him alltogether."

Thrall, maybe. But, if she has killed Thrall, how much of the Horde would have let her be? Certainly not the Trolls, who are indebted to Thrall, as he saved them from certain death shortly after he escaped the Alliance prisons. The Tauren also have close ties due to similar events, Thrall provided help that saved the Tauren from extinction. Let's say that's three Horde races that would definitely seek revenge once we add the Orcs into the mix.

The Sin'dorei on the other hand, would most likely side with the Forsaken, the only reason they joined the Horde. Although they may opt out entirely, I think they'd use the opportunity to seek revenge against their ancient enemies (Trolls), those who did them great injustice in the past (Humans, who alienated them by treating them contemptuously and as though they were scum), Night elves, who exiled them for their use of Arcane magic, and the allies of said races.

So the odds are fairly even so far, so let's throw in the Alliance. Thus far, Jaina has kept Varian under control, barely, but she has. But if Thrall weren't in the picture, she'd have no reason to, she may even condone the war against the Forsaken, but draw the line at the Orcs and Tauren. Historically, Magni will aid his allies and do what's right for his people, which, in this case, is the annihilation of the Forsaken. The Gnomes combined forces with their long time allies, the Dwarves, after losing Gnomeregan, and have been providing the Alliance with technological support ever since, no reason it would change now. The Night Elves and Draenei have many reasons to hate and mistrust the Sin'dorei as well as the Orcs, while not necessarily the rest of the Horde. However, it's safe to assume that if need be, they'll enter the conflict.

So that's the Tauren, Trolls, Orcs and the entire Alliance against the Forsaken and Sin'dorei. Even with the new plague, those aren't good odds. Throw in NP Factions not affiliated with any player faction, like the Scarlet Crusade, and there's no way the Forsaken would survive.

Sylvanas is smart enough to know this, so why would she have killed Thrall when she had the chance, knowing it would mean her end? Not taking action was the correct move, strategically speaking, regardless of what she ultimately wants to achieve.

TL;DR: Sylvanas killing Thrall would end with Sylvanas dead. Sylvanas is smart enough to know this.