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Officers' Quarters: The standby experience {WoW}

Aug 17th 2009 7:47PM I honestly don't know what you mean by the main "clique" DKP is given to people who raid plain and simple. If you have a raid leader (dkp leader) who is simply giving more DKP to others well that's not the loot systems fault, it's a shaddy raid leader.

DKP in it's absolute basic form (and outside of shaddy dealings) does one thing and one thing only; rewards those who raid (give more to the guild) over those who simply cannot commit to more raids (provides less to the guild).

The BIGGER question upon determining a loot system lies SOLEY on the "type" of guild you are trying to run. In the (5 years this November 23rd) I have had an active account people who truly understand DKP have no complaints and realize (if things are ran on the up and up) there is absolutely no fairer system without any outside factor other than what >YOU< as a member of the guild put forth.

Officers' Quarters: The standby experience {WoW}

Aug 17th 2009 5:22PM After reading peoples replies, I have come to the realization that EVERYONE and anyone who simply says DKP is horrible, it isn't needed, it's not fair, simply doesn't understand how and WHAT DKP does.

DKP is simple, (I personally only ever would use (and do use) %-based DKP) it is there to reward those who raid (i.e. "core raiders" being the ones who sit there through all the wipes) a much better chance at getting "that" piece, then someone who only wants to raid when the content isn't "as fresh" and most people are already geared hence minimal wipes.

I'm sorry, but if I have been to every raid, sat through every wipe I 100% deserve "that" item over the guy who just joined the guild, just came in for a particular night because "progression" is over, etc.

Now, %-based DKP HINDERS people who think "hoarding" points is the way to get all the loot and personally I get all giggly inside when I hear someone who thinks that way. It is 100$ fair, balanced and has absolutely ZERO "RNG" or favortism involved.

Simply put, you raid more, you get "first dibs" over someone who doesn't or can't raid as often. Before anyone uses the argument of "That's just not fair. We are the same skill level." Honestly? Leave the guild if you can't make the raid times that have most likely been decided upon well before you even had a thought of joining the guild. Nothing bothered me more than someone saying "OMG those raid days are perfect, I can make them all!" and then the person is on and wants to raid MAYBE once a week.

Breakfast Topic: Do you wish we didn't have to use AddOns? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 9:21AM You know you can turn guild chat off right?

Breakfast Topic: Do you wish we didn't have to use AddOns? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 9:11AM Ok, so apparently you can't "edit" previous posts. Anyway, addons to me are perfectly acceptable as blizzard provided the environment to do so. I highly doubt blizzard will ever implement a bigwigs (better than DBM btw, less memory/faster updates) due to the fact I highly doubt they technically like the fact we know exactly when an ability is coming.

I don't see addons as "cheating" making the game "easier" or anything like that, it's just like anything in the world, computers, cars, houses, ANYTHING you change things (ram for computers, appliances for houses, etc) to make them BETTER/more enjoyable. I cannot see myself ever playing the game with 0 addons, since I used them since alot of them started being released in open beta. Cosmos ftw! lol

At any rate, addons usage while yes, does use memory it is soooo small that I don't think people realize it. Let me put it this way, according to curse I have over 95 addons and according to fubar/titanpanel I use roughly 60mb of ram just for addons. 60mb, when computers nowadays have 2+GB of ram I don't think 50 or even 100mb is going to make a difference and if it does you really need to close programs that you keep open while playing WoW. Also, the comment of "loving if blizzard implemented an addon so it doesn't use memory", you do realize the more things the actual WoW client does the more memory it will use right?

The biggest culprits of memory usage are QuestHelper, Auctioneer, Carbonite, WIM (if you store all PM's) anything with tons of information they all sit around 5-7mb while every other addon I ever ran sits roughly at 500kB.

Raid Rx: Healing Ulduar and what to expect {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 4:13PM Well, the only real comment I can bring to the table in reply to your question is: skill. These type of players/guilds have the skill to be able to screw in a lightbulb backwards. I COMPLETELY understand that Blizzard is a business and there will never be a SWP again sadly to "reach" to and eventually with time, patience and SKILL complete. Hard-modes, with the exception a very very small percent do not require SKILL.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to see/clear the content, but by allowing them to go into a raid with the same dps that a heroic geared tank they absolutely NEVER have to actually learn how to play. Should people HAVE to do 5-6kdps to clear content? No. Should they have to at least be able to beat the tank in dps? Absolutely.

These are the same people that degrade the game instead of help it. I understand it's all a business and blizzard will cater to the money and that's completely ok with me. I'm just stating my opinion of raiding.

Raid Rx: Healing Ulduar and what to expect {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 4:05PM Thrash, you completely misunderstood the point of that comment.

I wasn't saying pugs should not be able to do that content. I wasn't saying sarth3d shouldn't be puggable but by having it puggable by 5/10 typical pugs is something that shouldn't be doable.

The pugs you are referring to are an exception from the word "pug" the meaning of "pug" to me, is people who are in the guilds like "icanleechfreeepicswhiledoing1kdpsin25manraids"

Raid Rx: Healing Ulduar and what to expect {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 3:45PM Absolutely not man, my comments earlier we're directed at pugs and scrub guilds alike.

True raiders should be rewarded more-so than the scrubs.

Just so everyone is aware, a scrub is NOT considered a casual IMO.

Raid Rx: Healing Ulduar and what to expect {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 3:20PM You know, I don't know if the numbers were before or after mitigation, but GC has said tanks will be getting hit for roughly 25k a pop.

I suppose that would be in-line with a few trends I seen happening with alot of talents in 3.1, mostly being talent "changes" (at least for disc/holy priests) your crit/healing overall will do more on targets below 50% hp. I suppose if that's the case then the 25k a pop will be mitigated since all tanks are somewhat capping around 40-50k 25-man raid-buffed.

I personally am looking forward to a more organized set of healing assignments. I despise the fact almost 9/10 pugs can enter naxx and just faceroll across the keyboard and collect free epics. If pugs are concentrated to maybe 9/10 doing 10-man easily and like 4/10 or so able to complete 25-man I'll be a happy camper.

Blizz has absolutely destroyed the need for guilds when you can pug EVERY single encounter in the game by puging it. Yes, you CAN pug 3d sarth granted you can't do it with the majority of the players in the game but it can be pugged.

New add-on policy makes selling add-ons against the rules {WoW}

Mar 20th 2009 6:20PM Why do that when people are willing to make the game better for your company for "free"? :P