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Microsoft seeks executive producer for 'AAAA' Xbox title {Joystiq}

Mar 15th 2012 5:18PM Because you can fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard, but you'll never produce games like Commander Shepard!

The Queue: Never say no to panda {WoW}

Mar 15th 2012 2:08PM As a long-time gnome warlock, I too would like to see gnomes get some respect. I cannot remember where I read it - it may have even have been on this website - but someone once put forward that gnomes get made fun of because we secretly terrify all the other races. Gnomes are brilliant, without the ongoing issues the goblins suffer from due to the way they gained their intellect, and while we're short in stature, we're actually ridiculously strong for our size, easily capable of the same martial prowess a human can achieve. And despite this level of superiority, we're not condescending; we're friendly with everyone we meet, cheerful, accepting. Before Thermaplugg went so wrong, a gnome killing another gnome was unheard of; that's why his betrayal was so effective, because a gnome would have never have expected another gnome to backstab them. In short, gnomes are practically perfect... and nobody likes the guy who seems perfect.

Hmm, I may have to play KoA now; their portrayal of gnomes sounds a lot like the ones in the Eberron D&D setting.

Breakfast Topic: What's the least loved class in WoW? {WoW}

Mar 14th 2012 4:18PM I have never understood how someone could prefer Mage over Warlock, not back in Vanilla, not now, and not any time in between. Whenever I try to level a Mage, I get annoyed at how they rush things, how they have to play this silly game with every mob to kill them before the enemy walks up and punches them in their squishy face. I'd much rather the enemies attack my big blue marshmallow or my axe-wielding big man while I whittle away at thier health. I'd much rather tap into my lifeforce to give myself more mana instantly rather than sit down and drink, no matter how free those drinks may be. Frankly, I'd rather have seven buttons in my damage rotation instead of two; Mages seem to stand in the fire all the time, and I figure it's because a rotation consisting of two buttons is putting them to sleep.

Scrolls of Lore explores potential MoP details {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 4:30PM @John: Sigh, yes, precisely, damn you, autocorrect. (And somewhere, the Oklahoma Tax Commission breathes a sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that their covert assassinations are still a secret.)

@D4: She's a female, damn it! Her brood mother simply had some male and some female names picked out for her clutch of eggs, and was caught off guard when they all hatched into females.

(So yes, that is obviously what Chromie does best.)

Scrolls of Lore explores potential MoP details {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 2:13PM I don't get this constant desire to bring things back to the way they were in the very first Warcraft. How many WoW players got their start in the franchise with the first Warcraft, where man killed orc and OTC killed man, and how many WoW players are like me and got their start in Warcraft III, where the mortal races banded together to stop the Burning Legion? I would think there's more of the latter, and those players are more likely to be in favour of the races of Azeroth putting aside their differences to stomp on some big bad.

I do like the final answer in the post linked, however. Finally, a definitive answer on just how much power the Aspects and their flights still have, and one that means that Chromie can still do what Chromie does best.

The case for cross-faction Real ID raiding {WoW}

Feb 29th 2012 12:37AM Back when they were saying that Real ID grouping would be a premium feature, I felt that it would be worth a premium if it allowed cross-faction grouping. I still feel that way; in fact, I think I'd prefer it if cross-faction grouping was a premium feature with a fee rather than simply open to everyone. For one, it would ensure it wasn't happening just on a whim, and for another, it simply feels right that getting to break this big of a rule in WoW should involve an additional cost.

Mass Effect 3 'From Ashes' DLC also sold separately from Collector's Edition {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2012 10:00PM I'm beginning to think nobody complaining about the DLC has actually played either of the Mass Effect games. C'mon, people, "the Protheans are a major part of the story"? That's what we thought before playing through ME1 and ME2, before learning that all the amazing advancements attributed to the Protheans, the mass relays and the Citadel, were actually the work of the Reapers and existed a billion years before the Protheans. The only thing the Protheans contributed was a warning with the Beacon.

Honestly, I couldn't care less whether or not there's a million pieces of DLC. I don't care that the PC version is only on Origin. I don't care about any of this periphery crap. I care about whether or not Mass Effect 3 is a good game. If it is, I'll be happy. If it isn't, I'll be disappointed. None of these secondary concerns affect that, and that's the way it should be.

Mass Effect 3 'From Ashes' DLC also sold separately from Collector's Edition {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2012 9:18AM Games are pixels with a price tag. If you're going to get mad about putting a price tag on pixels, you'd better stop playing games period.

You speak of the effort required for this like it was nothing, like crafting a 3D character, animating it, giving it voice, creating environments for the mission you obtain him in, like all that is stuff some slacker could finish up in an hour. Knowing a couple of artists who work in the industry, I can tell you... not even close to the truth.

And then what is even more ridiculous is that you decide that all the effort that goes into the creation of additional game content is worth nothing, but an art book (take all the concept art that had to be made anyway and slap it in a book) or a soundtrack (take all the music that had to be made anyway and slap it on a disc) are. I will gladly pay ten dollars for more of a game I love, not for an art book I might glance through once or a soundtrack that will just get mixed in with all my other music.

Mass Effect 3 DLC 'From Ashes' drifts down to Xbox Marketplace {Joystiq}

Feb 22nd 2012 9:02AM @Ganon255

I fear that with Mass Effect's peculiar publisher situation - Microsoft holding publishing rights for the first game, EA holding the publishing rights for the others - such a triple pack will never see the light of day.

Online Pass makes it into North American Vita titles {Joystiq}

Feb 13th 2012 9:08PM I'll always be fine with this. The problem with used games was always that, unlike a used car, a used game has just as much value as a new game. So when GameStop sells a used game for cheaper, you are getting the same value for a lower price (and that's before all the other stuff GameStop does to encourage the purchase of used over new). The only reason to buy the game new then is for the feeling of helping the developer of the game, and a developer can't survive on goodwill alone.

Online passes restore the balance. Now, just like with used cars, a used game is cheaper but inferior to its new counterpart. This makes much more sense.