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The Silent Bob approach to group management {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 1:59PM Did the thing once as well on a bad PuG.

Some fury warr has lead (i'm the prot warr tank), he was definitely the hyper, never marked a damn thing, had no predictable pattern of pulling mobs (he just kept walking into them), whirlwinded whenever the hell it lit up and didn't have the slightest threat control whatsoever, so basically, he was your average PvP knucklehead that believes lead is an honor only he deserves.

So, we get into the Occulus normal (I wasn't def capped at the time), his 'gogogo' behaviour pissing both me and the healer off as not even 'OOM' could slow him down for longer then 10 secs. So healer and 1 of the DPSes go verbal (written actually) on him, he keeps on going. Needless to say, we wipe rigt before boss first time, as I can only sunder/slam/cleave/thunderclap one action at a time, wipe again, unlucky wipe at boss 1, our hyper goes 'omfg can you even tank?'. My reply (first thing I said all PuG) 'Can you pass me lead or at least mark/paint?'

Needless to say, I stepped on his toes too hard, he gets the hunter on his side, healer all of a sudden just had his dinner ready (if I had a cent each time I heard/used that one, Bill Gates would be the second richest man on Earth), so I get kicked, but it left me with one good thing thoough: a DPS shammy (he was enhance at the time, now he just geared for ele as well for dual spec) that does his job rather than drooling at recount, we went and cleared it 3 times just for the heck of it when my healer came online with 2 undergeared (well, not afer the third run anymore ofc) DPSes that knew their class and outshined original group in mob downing time.

Drat, now I can't wait till I get my 2 weeks of leave somewhere this summer so I can spend that much time on WoW again :P