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The Queue: Pebble {WoW}

Oct 17th 2010 3:30PM Dear WoW Insider Team,

question for next episode: What gold sinks are in Cata so far?
How much are the most expensive mounts?

WoW Moviewatch: The Worgen {WoW}

Jan 4th 2010 12:52PM Probably the best machina I ever saw. Grats!

Only two minor nitpicks: The voice of the 2. (older) guy could have been deeper to differate better from the narrator. Also it would have been nicer if the maker would have used a higher textue setting (better hardware required of course). Most textures in the close-ups were pretty blurry and are much better in the real game.

Comment to win some Saturday night swag {WoW}

Aug 29th 2009 7:12PM Party-time!

The Queue: Full of it {WoW}

Jul 8th 2009 9:25AM Can someone who can access the video at least describe what's in it, please?

As much detail as possible would be appreciated!

Enter to win one of six loot card codes from WoW Insider and WoWTCGLoot {WoW}

May 13th 2009 8:19PM Huzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

Breakfast Topic: What if achievements had existed in classic WoW? {WoW}

May 13th 2009 12:59PM ** Terrorist Attack **

Have Baron G's from Molten Core put his bomb debuff on your pet, stow it and release the pet in an auction house of your choice killing at least 20 players in this act.

(Has really happened, Blizzard was fast to fix it ^^)

Win a year of Curse's premium service {WoW}

May 12th 2009 9:05AM Huzzah! Curse rocks!

The Queue: Zordon, no! {WoW}

May 1st 2009 6:16PM Question for the next queue:

Whare are the wolvar and oracle orphans as datamined by mmochampion?

Did they make an appearance anywhere?

The OverAchiever: Guide to Children's Week achievements {WoW}

Apr 30th 2009 11:55PM Question for the Queue:

What happened to the Gorloc and Wolvar orphans?