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Patching blues? {WoW}

Jan 5th 2006 11:30AM this is the worst... especially when you update a bunch of mod's, and the next day, there's an update....


To PvP or Not to PvP {WoW}

Jan 5th 2006 11:09AM I played on a PvP up to about 43, and just got tired of it... i guess it would have been different if i had found a good guild to be a part of.

Soloing sucks on a PvP.

Memorable PvP Moments? {WoW}

Jan 4th 2006 9:43PM ok... so about 8 months ago or so... i was playing heavily on a PvP server, i was lv. 30-40 something Tauren Shaman. I hadn't received my mount yet, so i know i wasn't 40. Anyways, the day before i had gotten the recipe to make potions to make me invisible, and had made a couple, and i was wondering if it would ever come in handy when i really needed it.

Well, i found out literally the next day. I had just started wandering through Desolace, and i came across a small house in the north, where you get a few quests.

As i aproached, i noticed a couple of high level alliance, they were "??"'s so who knows what level they were. They were quite a bit of distance from me, so i waited to see if they had noticed me or not. At this point my heart was beating, because i wanted to see if i could actually get away alive.

Well, just as i thought, they started after me, and one of them started summoning their mount. I started running back north, and turned the camera to watch how close they were getting, which came very fast.

Just when i felt like they were a bit too close, i used my vanish potion. *poof* i was gone, i instantly changed my direction to the east and kept running.... it was the funniest thing they were scattering all over the place looking for me. My potion only lasted like 10-15sec's, but it was just enough time to get out of sight in a different direction.

That was quite entertaining for me.

$40 server transfers? {WoW}

Dec 14th 2005 11:13AM I'm in the same boat. I started a Tauren Shaman on Destromath(PvP) almost a year ago... and yes im a slacker, i only got up to 43. But now i am on Silver Hand(RP), and i am enjoying it very much and have a few friends on there, so i play there all the time now. I would like to have Horde toon at a higher level along with my Dwarf Priest... but i don't to have to do i all over again. I would gladly pay $20 to transfer my Horde toon over to my other server... come on Blizzard, here's another way to make buttloads of money out of us.