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The OverAchiever: The worst (maybe) holiday achievements {WoW}

Jan 26th 2012 6:57PM With a little helper is where my feral tank/dps druid threw up her hands in disgust and stopped trying for the meta. I wasn't going to be able to put together an int set during the holiday and wasn't willing to run around being useless.

Spiritual Guidance: 6 ways to look like a total noob shadow priest {WoW}

Jan 25th 2012 6:37PM "Pulling mobs puts all that initial threat on you. It makes the tank's job harder, forcing them to scramble, taunt, and pick mobs off you."

Please, this. As a former priest turned tank there is nothing I hate more. Yes, my tank is geared, is the main tank for my guild, and can sleepwalk through the heroics. Someone else pulling mobs just forces me to deal with them in a position I don't want to and often without rage. Let the big fat bear pull please, the run will go faster overall I promise.

Shifting Perspectives: Where have all the feral talents gone? {WoW}

Nov 7th 2011 12:44AM This is what I hope to see - I don't mind the +damage component of berserk going to kitties only, but sometimes I need to pick up threat on multiple mobs quickly and swipe just isn't enough. I don't care if it hits like a limp noodle as long as I can make sure that those two adds that have to be burned equally are both stuck to me solidly.

I think this is good overall though - I play both specs of feral and hope to see a bit more strength from both!

WoW Moviewatch: Summon U a Drank {WoW}

Aug 31st 2011 1:32PM This would hardly be the first time something is repeated for the moviewatch. Many times an old favorite is repeated. If you think you have something new and good that needs sharing please share it with them, I'm sure they'd love the tip. Otherwise, we'll all enjoy seeing an old video revisited.

Two Bosses Enter: Jan'alai vs. Corborus {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 7:36PM I tank quite a bit - as bosses go Jan'alai is pretty mobile ;)

Two Bosses Enter: Jan'alai vs. Corborus {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 2:25PM Honestly I have to give this to Jan'alai. The crystal adds Corborus spawns on heroic would pose little thread against a boss with such powerful fire aoe, the 10k shadow AOE is nothing. and the burrow phase really is very avoidable.

Drama Mamas: Should guilds mandate courtesy? {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 1:03PM This is going to end up unseen in the back pages, but figured I'd toss in my personal thoughts anyways. In regards to guild members saying hello - I don't really expect that at all. If I say hi then a response is nice, but I usually don't bother. Often my first words to the guild are asking if anyone needs a heroic before I queue up my tank.

With the achievements - it actually drives me batty when I get a chain of "GRATS!" to every single little achievement. I don't consider exploring hellfire peninsula to be that much of a victory and it feels a little silly when five people congratulate me for doing it. I am very glad my current guild saves the "Grats" for the big things - hitting 85 or clearing a current raid for instance.

Spiritual Guidance: Priests, lies, and transmogrification {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 12:42PM For the cloth wearing types this is, hands down, the best resource I've found. Pictorial guides of armor sets from tier to greens!

Is it time to kill tanking? {WoW}

Aug 25th 2011 7:35PM Reading articles like this makes me sad. My "main" is a healing priest but I have a feral tank that I play almost as much - I have done almost every encounter I have healed as a tank as well. Both are well geared, both are characters I love playing. I understand why removing or opening up tanking would be good for the game, but personally I would miss it!

I do agree with what others here have said though. It is not tanking itself that is the issue, nor really even the aspect as "leader" (I have no issue marking pulls on my healer if the tank asks someone else to). The main issue is the fact that, as a tank, you are fighting the players in a pug heroic as much as you are the mobs. I greatly prefer raid tanking because of this. I dislike zoning into a heroic to find that I am out-dpsing two of the three dps and neither people with CC know how to cast it more than once per pull.

Unfortunately there really isn't a fix for that issue, so tanks will continue to be scarce. I'll be a sad bear the day they take my job away though.

Drama Mamas: Namecalling {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 12:20PM Heh, as a tank I don't usually frame requests that even have name/class involved. I usually just say something along the lines of "Sheep moon please"