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Raid Rx: Will dual spec affect your healing squads? {WoW}

Feb 21st 2009 1:06AM I leveled as feral, loved cat, jumped into bear around the 60s as a tank seemed more viable for the feral Future. Around the start of the 70s, I tested moonkin and thought it wasn't bad. At 75, I am full resto, due the simple fact that it was the only spec that got me so many groups. Besides, resto was something I had wanted to try but not level per say. And I do like it ... it is growing on me.

With dual specs, I will probably go feral and resto - I have my current gear-gathering for resto, and a set of feral blues in the bank, a gift you might say. Now I am glad I can do both, and use the feral gear in the future. I may go feral tank, as it seems more beneficial, and thus be the resto tank dual of the druid.