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Final Hours of Portal 2 app talks possible level editor features {Joystiq}

Oct 19th 2011 1:41PM Interesting... Back in April 23rd, I speculated about the very thing in an article entitled "Portal 2: Just the beginning?". You can give it a read at - perhaps I was right after all.

Sorry, we're all out of Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta codes (again) {Joystiq}

Jul 1st 2011 7:27AM I have a spare key to give away. Just tweet me @q3c with the answer to this simple question: "How many tutorials are hosted at"

First come first served.

Welcome to the latest Joystiq (we call it 'Futurestiq') {Joystiq}

Jun 13th 2010 10:26AM Overall - big kudos on the upgrade. New site looks slick, clean and modern. New functionality is much appreciated.

The only complaint I have is the change in the way RSS feeds are composed. I used to subscribe to the Main+PS3 RSS and it served me well over the years. With the new functions I have to either subscribe to multiple feeds, or use a rather messy "exclude" format...

Won't excluding "XBOX" tag also eliminate posts tagged as, say "XBOX, PS3, PC" ?

Rebellion accused of not paying dismissed employees {Joystiq}

May 11th 2010 1:47PM It always cracks me up how blatantly Rebellion ripped off the logo of a Polish Trade Union Party "NSZZ Solidarnosc" (a.k.a. "Solidarity").

Swag Sunday: 32GB iPod Touch [update] {Joystiq}

May 2nd 2010 4:29PM Diego Maradona

Roger Ebert's latest column posits 'games can never be art' {Joystiq}

Apr 18th 2010 3:20AM What a load of bullcrap. Given the shit that gets labeled as art in the post-post-modern world (often literally being feces on display), many of the video games, especially indie titles surpass the threshold not only in aesthetics but also evoking emotion, reaction and contemplation.

While definitions of art may vary, personally I believe that art and masterful craftsmanship of the medium are inseparable. In the same way da Vinci or Caravaggio were artists (masters of painting techniques), a good programmer or hacker should be labeled as an artist once they are capable of producing code that surpasses what has ever been done or even attempted before.

What if the Modern Warfare 2 credits were edited to reflect vacated Infinity Ward positions? {Joystiq}

Apr 16th 2010 5:33AM The whole thing reminds me of the Gamespot exodus that happened not so long ago.

Joyswag: God of War 3, guide & Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition {Joystiq}

Mar 29th 2010 4:09PM Beeeeee. Animal sacrifice really pissed a lot of people off.

Review: God of War III {Joystiq}

Mar 16th 2010 9:38AM While I understand the reviewer's concerns regarding the story and motivation, I gotta say that although GoW and GoW2 make a decent attempt at presenting the tragedy of Kratos, as a player my motivation in the game always could be summarized as "Aaaaaaaarrrrrggghhh!!!!!"

Portal receives radio patch, tunes in hints of a sequel {Joystiq}

Mar 2nd 2010 4:01AM Valve making Portal 2 next is to be expected. While I love all their games, they seem to have some problem with number 3...

Half-life had 1 and 2 produced then a long nothing. In order to move the franchise forward, they switched to the episodic format, again releasing episodes 1 and 2... then nothing.

Team Fortress as well as Left for Dead are already at number 2, so only Portal is left.

After that I predict Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Chapter A and B.