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World of Warcraft 3.1 PTR Patch Notes {WoW}

Feb 24th 2009 1:01PM Ok so far I hate this patch, removing hymn of hope and reflective shield is ridiculous, the warlock changes for affliction are very poor designed for the most part specially eradication wtf was that?. As for the flat amount of dmg on DKs unbreakable armor it sounds very bad so far.

Blizzard is pushing wow downt the drain for a while, people level so fast that they hit 80 without knowing half the things bout their classes they should, so what does blizzard does? Make it for dummies.

It reminds me of what was done to AdnD --> DnD 3.0 basically what made each class to be alluring was removed cos all classes are same crap and in the end is higher numbers what matters.

Also the buffs not stacking is silly, it gets what is left of the class knick knacks down the drain, get 2 locks and a mage on a raid and one of the warlocks pet wont make a difference less he has a felguard.

And I cringe at dual specs, pure dps oriented classes will be replaced by those who can do other stuff as heal and tank and they will do what? put more high numbers? whats the difference of playing anything when all comes down to how hard you can hit?

I hope they do wake up >.