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Varian Wrynn is Right, Part III {WoW}

May 9th 2009 11:53PM Goddamn finally! FINALLY someone who has actually looked into the way things are instead of going with what they feel on the matter. The reality of the situation on Azeroth is far removed from what you might infer by skimming the narrative structure, and one of the disastrous complications of the MMO format is that not everyone is working with the full story at all times when debating things like heroes and villains.

The Horde's actions in Lordaeron, Ashenvale, and Northrend are reprehensible. The Forsaken are a case of an evil government with potentially good members - your one, individual Forsaken might be "one of the good ones", but your leader is still a child-killer who tortures and creates plagues for madness-inspired revenge.

The stuff about the New Horde worshipping the Old Horde and the Royal Apothecary Society being condemned not for their actions but their alliegances hit home especially hard. Anyone who thought the New Horde had nothing to answer for has never been to Stromgarde, or the Tirisfal Farms, or Southshore. They've never been to Undercity and seen the torture pits and plague labs. They've never considered that Blackmoore - held up as an example of how the Alliance and Horde are morally equal - was hated by all and kept just one slave, whereas Thrall demands respect Azeroth-wide and allows an entire gladiator slave market to operate.

The Orgrimm stuff is especially ridiculous, now that you mention it. If you want to distance yourself from your genocidal past and history of warlike aggression, you don't keep the same leaders and you don't wear the same emblems.

Anyone who disagrees with the points in this article or dismiss it as false propaganda that doesn't tell the whole story is just going with what they *feel* to be true, or want to be true, and not what is actually reflected in the events of the World of Warcraft. The reality is that the New Horde is just the illusion of good whereas really they're as brutal as they ever were.

Varian Wrynn hates the Horde {WoW}

Feb 24th 2009 12:59AM The Horde *is* basically like the old Horde, just with better PR in the form of Thrall. Arathi Basin is an outright evil powergrab. So are the quests in Southshore. Ashenvale is pointless and vindictive on the Horde's part. Jaina betrays her own troops by abandoning Northwatch keep when the Horde takes it out. Those quests to kill Alliance soldiers in western Northrend are just stupid and vile.

The Horde is one long series of evil acts followed by disavowing responsibility. The Horde fights alongside someone against the alliance only for that person to turn out to be evil and then throws up their hands and goes "Iunno how this happened again!" Blizzard spent too long building up Thrall and the Horde for them to ever get their just rewards, but goddamn am I glad Varian's around to at least try and keep a semblance of balance and fairness. No more "Kill ten archaeologists for snooping" quests, maybe, now that there's a king who takes this stuff seriously.