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Motion Computing rolls out rugged J3500 tablet PC {Engadget}

Jun 23rd 2010 12:50PM Is ET now a hand model?

Caption contest: the Verizon van makes a pit stop {Engadget}

Jun 22nd 2010 2:47PM It is just the Verison rep, Ronny, asking for advice for an Iphone app he came up with...if he could only think of a name...

Forum post of the day: Tank Haiku {WoW}

May 12th 2009 4:46PM Tank, LFG
I am the best tank ever!
Five forty defense?

The Martin Fury scandal: Karatechop reveals all {WoW}

May 1st 2009 1:29PM Someone might have mentioned this before but I think we can equate this to something that happened before and Blizzard actually did the opposite.

When molten core was in transition and dropping tier 2 items (this was slightly before my time and I’m at work so don’t have access to wowwiki so I don’t know the patch, keep this in mind through the length of this post) a legendary dropped off a boss (was it Gaar?) that blizzard never intended to be in the game. It was a neck with fire and nature resist, and much better than anything else in the game at that time. It never dropped again. Blizzard eventually became aware of its existence and, you know what, they let him keep it. So not only did he not get banned for having an item outside the realm of design, he was rewarded for it.


• Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players;

If Martin’s Fury qualifies as a violation, so does the legendary.

People may respond how this situation is different but imo it really isn’t.

1. The above case of human error not of design error such is the case with the legendary.
a. …So what is the difference? A human designing a flawed loot table is the same as one mailing something that also shouldn’t be in the game.
2. The legendary dropped off a legitimate boss kill. He, in a way, earned the item.
a. This is a fair point, but I think irrelevant as both cases still violate the TOS and actually brings up another question: What if Martin’s fury didn’t get mailed but dropped off, lets say, a level 15 raptor in the barrens also due to a mistake. Would Blizzard let him keep it then? Obviously not but wouldn’t he have technically “earn” that item?
3. Martin’s Fury and the legendary aren’t comparable: Martin’s Fury is an “I win” button; the legendary is only a slight advantage.
a. This is also irrelevant as both still violate the TOS as both give a “competitive advantage”. It is a slippery slope to say how much advantage is too much or too little. You could also make an argument that the legendary was more of an advantage since it could be used forever and does have 100 changes.

I personally think Blizzard is being really inconsistent, and the ban is to cover their own butts over an internal mistake because the alternative is harder and more time consuming for them (time=money for them remember). I am in the camp that this has been a general trend of their decisions for a while. I still love the game but just see choices like this being made more and more (how do you NOT see warlock summons being bugged when it is one of only a dozen NEW features?).

No vanilla WoW realms. Really. {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 11:15AM Agreed. I don't know if it is just because we are "early" in an expansion but the challenge and the entertainment value of this WotLK has really failed.

I have 2 toons, 1 in the best gear possible for my spec, the other in some of the best gear possible for my spec. The fact that my alt can walk into a pug with no vent and clear 25 naxx in 2 hours really says something about the content.

Datamined Ulduar boss information, with analysis {WoW}

Feb 25th 2009 4:10PM Btw according to that wikipedia article on Eternal Darkness (and a source) Nintendo has a patent on sanity mechanics in a video game. I read the patent and I dont think this qualifies but the it does seem like the end of medal gear solid 2 does (when the game is trying to trick you to powering down your ps2 and playing with the volume).

Datamined Ulduar boss information, with analysis {WoW}

Feb 25th 2009 3:59PM Yogg-Saron looks like the Eternal Darkness Gods (Yogg-Saron is a God as well)...especially that fallen "4th" one you encounter.