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WoW Patch 3.1 PTR Druid glyphs and undocumented changes {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 6:06AM Allison you're going to have a hard time writing your 'gear for 3.1 changes' ;)

-If- Savage Defence becomes important the current leather available is simply not catered for it.

For instance, you have an old low ilvl epic, and it has great crit and haste and AP ratings - but a brand spanking new ulder epic drops that's loaded with agility and stamina.

Now if you don't have another slot piece which can substitute those haste/crit/ap stats, then you're stuck using it until you find a replacement.

Seems like never before Bears will have to really understand their stats and gear - aiming for specific numbers. Hope someone works out those numbers for me ;p

All depends on how necessary SD turns out I guess.