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Breakfast Topic: Does WoW ever creep you out? {WoW}

May 19th 2011 3:00PM I find the quest in northrend really disturbing where you poison and kill malygos's consort. Then you burn her corpse at his door step and taunt him to about it. That quest line is creepy because you get half way in before you realized how Fed up it is! You had a part in killing somebodies lover and burning there body in front of them!!!!!!

The Daily Blues {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2010 12:18PM @mightymuffin

"Macs are also more secure, not because its some Godsend holy relic, but because it used to be a smaller populace using it."

I just want to point out that this point is completely illogical. The fact that less people use macs does not make them more secure. I believe you are trying to make a valid point but this does not make the Mac secure. This does not automatically give macs some technology that refuses keyloggers or keeps hackers out of your email accounts. I think what you mean to say is there is less risk in being hacked or keylogged, I can agree with that point but the fact that not many people use Mac does not make Mac more secure.

Final Fantasy XIV grants players a month of freedom and revamped markets {Massively}

Oct 15th 2010 12:12PM I am one of the masochist transientmind is talking about.

I think that today's actions by Square-Enix were probably one of the most important for me. They extended my play time, saving me money to play their "unfinished" product. Then they tell me exactly what their priorities are when they plan to have them fixed by.

To be honest, I had little faith in SE to even accept any of the issues in their game, much less fix them. Some of the logic in their game is obviously poor development issues that SE did not want to invest time in to resolve and figure out for their rushed release. I still have little faith in the developers for FFXIV. I can feel their pain to a degree because I am a software developer and understand what unreasonable deadlines can do to a peice of software but to me, it makes more sense to leave an unuseable feature completely out of the software than to put in a broken and annoying feature that people cant use anyway.

I think they are still in denial about their market ward system, but I dont care too much about that so I can let it slide.

All in all I'm very happy today and pleased with how SE is handling this rough release. I enjoy many aspects of the game but I dont think I can last as a long time player when the game is inconvient. Seeing how they are trying to resolve the inconvience, I dont feel as bad investing time and money into this company/game.

ArenaNet designer gives new details on armor and loot in Guild Wars 2 {Massively}

Oct 4th 2010 1:59PM Hey, It's better than Allods.

"Oh you have the gear AND you wanna Wear it? That will about $20. Oh it broke again cause you died? $20 more bucks please."

At least it's only the look.

Also selling an option does not make that option no longer an option. Its still an option, it's just not a free option. Like how you ahve the option to have an Xbox and/or a PS3. That doesnt mean you get them for free!

I understand your point. They are selling this thing because they know peopel want it. But they are a business and have wages to pay and profit margins to hit. It's capitalism. Nature of the beast. Thing are around to make money, not only to be fun. When they can be fun and make money, that's when we all win.

Final Fantasy XIV launch day roundup {Massively}

Sep 30th 2010 4:21PM I agree with you here. I guess the question people need to ask themselves is if they are willing to pay for an unfinished game in hopes that it will one day be better or if they will nto buy the game. Or if they will wait to buy the game.

I think that if you are not new to the MMO Industry then you will not be supprised that the game is unfiinished. SO many MMOS start out this way. If you are not willing to put up with, dont buy the game. If you are like me and are used to this, you might wanna pick it up.

Final Fantasy XIV launch day roundup {Massively}

Sep 30th 2010 4:03PM Joker:

"1. "please go cry on your 360" That doesn't make any sense.
No one likes this game, not just people that play 360."

Some people do like the game. One of those people is me.

"2. "just because a game is a little to complex for you doesn't make it bad"
There is nothing complex in this game, and it's terrible, not bad. "

Have you tried the crafting system? I'm not saying this game is "complex" but it isnt an easy game either. Just because you dont play a certain part of the game, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

The game may not be good by your standards, but I like it. (I'm not saying there are no bugs or issues, just that I like the game.)

PS: Complex Good. That's not my point.

"3. "you sir are the fail" Who are you even talking to?
You are not replying to anyone and you never say that you are talking to anyone specific.
You are the definition of fail."

Yeah the original poster was in just as bad taste as the person he meant to respond to. I dislike the Haters as much as I dislike the fanboys. If you take FFXIV from an objective point of view, it's not a TERRIBLE game. It has issues. It feels like it was rushed. It holds on to archaic MMO ideas (like wasting a players time, or punishing a player instead of rewarding). But it's also Different. Gives the ability to have more fun and focus on crafting. Pretty. And one thing I like about it is it gives me the ability to excell as an altaholic/completist.

Please dont get me wrong. I am saying that I dont think the game is Terrible. and I'm not saying it's good but I'm saying I like it.

My point: Dont assume everybody agrees with you. Your statements are stated as a matter of fact when they arnt all true. If you like the game, fine. If you dont like it, fine. But at least accept the fact that some people do like the game and those people arnt just morons.

Persistent issues and Final Fantasy XIV {Massively}

Aug 19th 2010 11:36AM I am in the beta and I dont have a problem with the guildleve system or the mana regen system.

I believe the guildleve system actually supports my play style more than a striaght up grid system. I dont know if 48 hours is the golden number or maybe 8 leve quests but for now, in beta, it works for me.

The reason it works is because I'm a casual player. I dont have time to spend hours and hours on the game except for the weekends. Durning the weeknights though, it's fine to log in and finish my leve quests. They are like dailies in WoW. Also those are only the battle leves. once you are done with those you can pick up DoH leves (local leves) and the only requirement there is that you can only ahve 8 at once. once you complete one you can go get a new different one. So you COULD level all your crafts at once. (that is if you want to.) so there is plenty to do when your DoW/DoM cant do leves. ALSO there are just plain quests that you can do when your leves are done, if you wish to.

The biggest reason that I like the leve system is that it's beneficial to everybody but mostly casual people. It gives them some purpose they can login and accomplish with a resonable ammount of time. CASUALLY. if you want to be hard core then you have to group! group makes you HARDCORE.

The mana regen has not been an issue for me. I know that it sounds scary! I was really worried before I got into beta, but I have not had an issue and I am a pure conjourer. Once you get mana regen abilities, it's less of an issue. This is of course comeing from a casual player who pretty much only does guild leves to level (why would i grind when i have leves to do?). I play with a friend and we do the leve sharing but only because he get different leves than me but we do overlap leves (In which case we do those once). So that helps.

I think that people's concerns are very justified. Nobody wants to be stiffiled in their persuit of max level but all guild leves do is reward everybody equally (if you are hard core, you still get 8 leves) and then hard core guys can continue with leve sharing or grinding.

All I have to say is, dont you wish you could grind Hodir rep by grouping with other people and sharing their quest AFTER doing yours? Hey other games have a tollgate process too. It's not much different.

Breakfast Topic: Real ID or Real bad IDea? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2010 11:27AM I voted No and I canceled my wow sub. I left a comment telling blizzard that I did not want to pay a company to jeapordize my ~SENSE~ of security. I used the word sense just like that because whether my security is breached or not, it's how i feel about this whole thing that is going to stop me from paying for it or not. I read somewhere that most purchases end up being emotional. Maybe the same goes for the oposite. Blizzard should consider how it's customers might feel about this change. I may not even pick up my SC2 game if this continues the way it goes.

Also you can conceal ALL of your information from people on facebook besides your name. You can set your page up so that only friends can view your status and posts and other personal information. Your name is still in the system but nobody can see what you say or who you are unless you say they can.

I come from a subset of Americans that still get harrassed or assulted simply becasue of who I am. I'm gay. It's really scary to me that people maybe able to link something I say in a forum post to my address.

I play this game to interact with my friends via killing raid bosses. Leave real name stuff to facebook!

Blizzard posts the newest World of Warcraft Battle Plan {WoW}

Apr 13th 2010 11:34AM Guess what. You guys say 11Million -> a potential 550 million characters that they have to keep track of?

They also have the luxury of keeping track of 15 * 11 Million Dollars per month! I'm sure they dont mess that one up!

Cataclysm Stat & System Changes Revealed {WoW}

Mar 1st 2010 8:30PM @tatsumasa

I dont think it's wrong to be lazy on my time off while I'm not at work. WoW isnt a job, it's a game. I'd like to enjoy the aspects of the game that are actually enjoyable. I understand there is some grinding and some work involved in wow that isnt always fun but some of those things are necessary and actually make the game fun. Traveling to IF because I HAVE TO isnt as fun as me just going wherever I please whenever I want.

So excuse all of us who you think are "_lazy_". I am lazy when it comes to wow. I work hard at my JOB. I dont need to the added frustration in my leisure time. It adds NOTHING to my experiance. Especially the 10th time.