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Ghostcrawler on the success of "bring the player not the class" {WoW}

Feb 27th 2009 9:40AM

In fact, the development teams learn a lot about class balance by watching us play the content. GC mentions that they expect Ulduar, specifically in heroic mode, "to shine a much harsher light on class balance."

This equates to admitting that they do not intent for content to be perfect on first release. It should work bug-free, ideally, and be balanced fairly well, but new raid content liek Ulduar is also an opportunity for study.

this to me means Blizzards more less using wow to gain expreince still since they have no way to predict wtf is going to happen which is kinda funny shouldnt they be testing theyre project internally before release then ptr it and have some more confidence in it then decent? in all honestlty this new way blizzards been developing the last couples years is bullshit i'm sick of paying to play a giant beta. this is why im done with MMO's for now hopefully Blizzard will take all the experience from this and actually devieler some good old polished content.