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WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 3:31PM Trying to reply via a phone sucks... See above misplaced reply. ;)

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Aug 9th 2011 3:29PM Ash is about 20% cooler for not being related to a lore character. So, no, she isn't anyone you'd know. (yet?)

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Jul 12th 2011 12:52PM You'll see. But for now let's just say sometimes the journey is more fun when you don't take the obvious path.

SwagDog discontinuing Blizzard licensed products June 1 {WoW}

May 20th 2011 12:41PM Are you ashamed of playing wow or something? XD

I've lead the same guild for nearly 8 years, have many members who were there for the founding, and are quite fond of my characters. I also proudly fly my geek flag... So I guess that would be "us" and "us".

Also I am very sorry that all of your guilds have failed to be more than meaningles things to you. That is a horrible shame.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Apr 11th 2011 8:02PM *Thank you*! At least some people get it.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Apr 11th 2011 7:54PM I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that if the "bias" of the story fit your own bias, you wouldn't have a problem with it ;)

You're right. It's very hard for humans to not be biased... and I think you prove your own point admirably.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Mar 10th 2011 11:06PM Wouldn't be a very wise thing to do as someone who just arrived at a military outpost to run in and say "No no, those enemy troops are with me". It would likely get you thrown in jail as well on suspicion of collusion, and then while you would probably (but only probably) eventually be let go, you'd not be in any position to help your friends.

Realistic interactions between characters and giving critical forethought to how a character's actions would be perceived by another character (based on their feelings and impressions of that character and the situation at hand) are extremely important to making a believable story.

Now, if the base commander and Enarrai were old friends, the situation would be drastically different and much easier to resolve. She, however, is a stranger to everyone in the fort. While it would be lovely if the world worked in such understanding ways, it frankly doesn't, and portraying a unrealistically sunny Azeroth would make for an unbelievable (and boring) story.

You've got to realize, too, that the people of the Alliance fort have been in conflict with the Horde in the area. They've likely lost friends on the battlefield (as have the local Horde). Their opinion of the Horde is not going to be benevolent or understand, and an Alliance captured near the Horde fort wouldn't be treated any better.

After all, if everyone were motivated by pure logic, this wouldn't be World of WARcraft, now would it? ;)

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 5:26PM While true that she'd be more likely to know details regarding Night Elf holdings, what's going on in Ashenvale isn't really the same as what happened to Camp T. For comparison's sake, Southshore is far more similar.

In Ashenvale, most of what's happening is military vs military.

Camp T and Southshore were military vs civilians.

For the sake of the story telling, and the point being made, it's better to use Southshore.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2011 4:42AM The destruction of Southshore, while brutal and uncalled for, was done by the Foresaken who have never tried to claim any sense of morals or honor. Tarren Mill and Southshore have also historically been in conflict with each other.

Camp T was a peaceful Tauren outpost pretty much minding its own business. It did not have a history of conflict with any other Alliance settlement, and the slaughter of civilians was perpetrated by a people who DO openly claim to have a sense of honor.

The two situations are not identical at all if you peal off the first layer.

WoW Insider's Weekly Webcomic: Safe Passage {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2011 4:35AM Do the quests from the Horde side. One of the dead Tauren civies, the leather trainer I believe, says that they died trying to fight off the Alliance armed only with a skinning knife while some children escaped. You get to speak to their spirits as you are putting them to rest.

So, yes, Alliance ground troops did invade and they did put civies to the sword.