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Comment to win some Saturday night swag {WoW}

Aug 29th 2009 11:37PM HEY HEY HEY sounds like a party to me! Crank that Druid Boy! :D

WoW 3.1 PTR: Swimming mount video {WoW}

Mar 1st 2009 3:02AM Well im reading all these comments and i dont see a problem. there easy to fix problems. #1 blizz can add more underwater content like Sunwell. when thats done they could also add alot of new things for proffestions that can make it easy and fun. And as far as the druid waterform. ....WOW did u see the videos up there....there slow and druids can move extra fast so stop QQing . i have a druid as also a Dk,warlock, please people. please stop QQing about every little problem u have about a class u dont even play. Like the comment "its not fair that a DK can heal while in combat with out stoping dmg" WOW lol do u even have a Deathknight. the 4% really isnt that much of a boost really. YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED HEALERS. and as far as them being overpowered in pvp....omg i know you have all seen a Dk get kitted around. its all about what calss/spec vs. class/spec. i mean come on. Mages vs. hunters, warrior vs mage, ITS all rock papper sissors in world of warcraft usally. OF course there will always be a execption. A player who is class is weak against another will always win even if the particular class is a hard match up for him if the PLAYER FAILS AT PVP. there is absoultly no way for blizzard to make everything So perfect for us because WE PLAY THE CHARACTERS , we all play diffenterntly now its true that blizz is trying to make it to were every class can battle another. but truth be told. we can do it now. Stop blaming blizzard for UNFAIRNESS in the game and how you think its SO UNFAIR. Its very simple . Blame yourself! THE QQ'ers of WOW are ruining the game for us all who accutally do alittle hard work and reseach and TRAIN and PRACTICE in order to get better. NOTHING WILL BE SPOON FED TO U. As for those of u that dont QQ of every little thing in the world i dotn want u to get affended at all by my message, im simply stating the truth and if u dont belive me or think im wrong consider this.
"frostmage can hit with a frostbolt for 8k. he fires his shot at the warrior thinking he will surely destroy him. BUT WAIT uh oh the warrior accutally knows what hes doing and REFLECTS. so please for the people who are crying just think about what your talking aobut. im sure u can come up witha way to block it too.