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Quests added to mob tooltips on the PTR {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 6:40PM I'm reading a lot of comments directly comparing this new addition to Quest Helper, and I'm seeing one very important distinction.

This new addition is a part of the mob tooltip. You not only have to be near the mob in question, you have to mouse over it. Not only does this mean you have to have already found the general location of said mob, you have to actually find the mob itselfso you can mouse over, not even /target can save you.

This is a far cry from a big red arrow telling you "Go over there and kill 12 of those." It is essentially just an improvement to the already standard quest tracker, it is a streamlining of functionality so that you no longer need to keep flipping through your quest log to see how many Hungry Worg's you still need, only to find out that you were supposed to be going after Starving Worgs.

This is not quest helper. It will not help you find your objective unless your method of searching is running around blindly and mousing over everything you find. Stop complaining, stop panicking, this isn't dumbing down, it's streamlining.

Breakfast Topic: The noob old days {WoW}

Mar 1st 2009 4:40PM Noob moments, lets see...
My first character was a warlock. I had just gotten Hellfire, the fire aoe that also damages the user. I was in a Wailing Caverns run, and a cloak dropped that had Agility and Fire Resist. I of course needed on it, because Agility helped me dodge things, and fire resist kept me from burning too much with Hellfire! The rogue in the group did not like that...

When my warlock got his first Firestone, I noticed that it added fire damage to melee swings, so of course I got the highest DPS sword I could and became a melee warlock. That did not work.

My second character, a Hunter, payed an absurd sum for Kang the Decapitator, the epic axe that offers bonuses only when you actually hit something with it. I reasoned that because things always come running for me after I shoot them, I should smack them harder when they get close.