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Win a Lil' XT from WoW Insider {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 2:53PM maybe?

Final Fantasy open beta date announced, new trailer released {Massively}

Aug 27th 2010 12:24PM Guaranteed. If there isn't enough complaining about the system requirements or lack of hardware mouse now, there will be once Open Beta launches.

They may think that it's not a big deal, but the majority of regular MMO gamers who are used to a responsive mouse control will NOT pick this up if the horrid lag isn't fixed.

In-game fixes for February 3rd {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2010 10:49PM From Daelo:

We've just deployed a hotfix that reduces Saurfang's blood power gain from ability damage back to 3.2.2 values. There was also a minor visual range issue with Blood Nova that was fixed.

Ghostcrawler hints at another patch before patch 3.2 {WoW}

May 24th 2009 10:28PM Having another minor patch before 3.2 is quite feasible and I'm not sure how it's a surprise. The minimum time between arena seasons has been 4 months. So April + 4 months = mid August for the earliest possible 3.2 release date. I would guess beginning of Sept as they have a lot to do around mid August for Blizzcon.

Now, they've also said before they base arena seasons around % of PVE gear in the population. Hence why some arena seasons have been longer. So if Ulduar gear takes a lot longer filter down, it'll take longer for 3.2.

BobTurkey updates Priest theorycraft {WoW}

May 5th 2009 1:43PM I don't understand some of his numbers at all. I'm a raiding Disc priest that went up to Yogg on 10 man the first week and currently 10/14 on 25 man.

What I'm confused about on these numbers is the heavy emphasis on regen (mp5 = 1 and spirit = 0.33). I can tell you right now, over the past couple weeks I've swapped everything I have over to throughput since I have absolutely zero problems with mana ever; even when we don't have replenishment in the raid. Smart use of shadowfiend, Inner Focus, a mana pot, and watching the over-healing and I'm good to go (but these are all things I learned while raiding in BC as holy).

I don't remember where I found these numbers, but they make a whole lot more sense to me:
MP5 0.30
Spirit 0.15
Intellect 0.65
SP 1.00
Crit rating 0.480
Haste rating 0.59

Raid Rx: Healing Ulduar and what to expect {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 6:26PM I think that a lot of the more "hardcore" community define "casual" as more like:

They don't feel the need to put in any time or effort into making their character the best that it can be. They think it's "fine" to be dragged through Naxx pulling zero thousand dps. They think if they only have 2 hours a week to play that they should be handed epics.

Right now Blizz is catering to them. This is what some of us have an issue with. The current content is allowing horribly bad players to get the same rewards as good players which makes them never have to improve or think critically about how they're interacting with the rest of the game. It's polluting the community.

I think Octale from "Octale and Hordak versus the World" podcast defines them best as "entitled casuals"

Raid Rx: Healing Ulduar and what to expect {WoW}

Apr 12th 2009 3:34PM Sounds good Matticus. Looking forward to this . I'll probably get flamed for this here, but hopefully this stops the casual scrub guilds in their tracks.

Guessing on the patch 3.1 release {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 4:04PM Keep in mind Hinalover that PTR patches can come anytime....can last as short or as long as Blizz pleases.

Guessing on the patch 3.1 release {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 3:43PM Was going to say exactly that...I believe a few recent patches have stayed on the PTR as they were deployed. So PTR going down is not always an indication.

I'll say reasons being:

- they've said "mid April" all along
- very anxious player base
- the fact that they announced equipment manager wouldn't be in. If they were going to take longer why not keep working on it?
- patches on the PTR have been increasingly smaller and more frequent
- very little activity this week so far - no raid testing or focused testing announced.
- Ulduar looks very polished and they've said they're not testing Yogg or Algalon.

Tuesday Morning Post: On a scale of 3.1 {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 8:06AM This patch could hit the live servers sooner than you expect. From the looks of the initial encounters in Ulduar, they're fairly complete and low on bugs. (most of the bugs seem to be class/talent related) This is just their "tuning phase" now.