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Universal does not renew iTunes contract {}

Jul 5th 2007 2:07PM Agreed. Universal needs Apple more. If they don't put content on iTunes, then people will pirate it instead. They will NOT dump their iPods and such and go to another store, just for Universal, no matter how large a collection they have. Meanwhile, EMI worked with Apple and is now making MORE money off of iTunes Plus.

Interesting that this comes out at the same time as several reports that point to digital sales making a significant impact in sales. If Universal wants to give up those sales and leave money on the table as it were, fine. It won't hurt Apple.

Mage's evocation: working as intended? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 1:18PM No, you can't be mini-gods. Everyone has to make choices and tradeoffs.

I mean, if we want to go nuts, I want a Warlock with stealth, pally bubbles, and plate armor. Sneak up on you, throw a bunch of DoTs, and bubble hearth. :-)

The Missing iPhone Data Plan {}

Jun 25th 2007 6:16PM $15 a month on Sprint is the cheapest you can get, and the sole reason I'm a Sprint customer (you hear that Sprint? Don't mess with it!). Pretty much everyone else charges up to $40 a month.

I would expect something similar from AT&T, just because they know people are going to pay it.

Backup solutions shootout {}

Jun 25th 2007 4:38PM SuperDuper all the way. It can be frustrating if you want to do anything other than full-drive backups, but it performs its primary mission perfectly - back up your data without missing anything, metadata, permissions, and all that jazz. Very, very few programs can legitimately claim this.

The WABAC Machine takes you to early Azeroth {WoW}


Rig of the Week {}

Jun 25th 2007 3:00PM To the pedants above - what kind of *RAID* wouldn't involve a lot of storage? Of course it's a single CPU and a lot of disks. If it were a lot of CPU's, it would be a compute cluster, not a RAID.

Parallels virtual disk dance of pain {}

Jun 24th 2007 7:37PM Bought Parellels 2.x. It served my needs (mostly), but was anything but Mac-like. Ever since VMWare beta3 (and the disabling of the debugging code) I haven't looked back. It's virtualization codebase is more mature, its interface is more Maclike, and its "Unity" feature works better than Coherence for me. ACPI support makes inporting from Boot Camp and real machines trivial (I move my work Thinkpad into a VM all the time to reduce travel weight).

Get VMWare while it's cheap - you won't be disappointed!

Legends of the fall damage {WoW}

Jun 24th 2007 4:38PM The reason elevators show up so much is because they fall at the same rate you do. So if you're unfortunate enough to run to the elevator *just* after it starts to leave, you find yourself falling to your death - a few inches above the moving platform. The Aldor Rise just makes it worse with how high up it is.

Really evil.

WoW Moviewatch: Big Head Mode {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 3:46PM Sadly, I can't get it to work. Whenever I try "BigHeadMode" it just logs me in (and fails, since I don't know the password). Anyone know the exact account name and password to make this work?

Leopard Boot Camp "fast switching" disappears {}

Jun 17th 2007 5:18PM While I had looked forward to this feature as well, it seemed to have one major flaw - filesystem integrity.

When you put a system into safe sleep or hibernation, there is the assumption inherent that when it wakes up, things will be as they were left - nothing in the underlying filesystem should have changed, of Bad Things (tm) will happen. For the most part, this would have been taken care of since the Mac can't write to NTFS and Windows can't write to HFS+.

However, as soon as you factor in things like FAT32 partitions, MacDrive, MacFUSE/NTFS support, all of this goes out the window. Sure, you can say such things are unsupported, but it could easily become a situation where people inadvertently cause MAJOR damage to their systems. And since the damage to the OS would come when you're booted into someone else's OS, there really wouldn't be a thing Apple could do to prevent it.

At least, that's my figuring. Looks like gamers will have to do a full reboot, and everyone else can buy VMWare.