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Breakfast Topic: Most frustrating moment {WoW}

Mar 4th 2009 5:38PM So I got plenty of personal screwups in raids. Usually from switchin specs or being called into a new fight and asked to offspec(tank) somethin. TK. Pheonix boss fight. Told to grab adds. I proceed to top of ramp and no one catches this. Ugh raid wipes I respec holy we win. 2weeks later I tank them again no issues.
I've recently started MTing for guildie alt runs with my 3/5 Val gear. MT 10Naxx/10/25Sarth 2D, did less is more 1D. So now comes less is more 10 maly. No problems rite? WRONG. I suddenly get a brain fart and forget my tps rotation. 2k tps = fail agianst 5 guildies doin 4-6k dps. We pull in 2 random healers, respect to dpsers and go again get to 3 and healers not in vent, wipe. Check recount, healers doing 1k hps ugh. Both healz refuse to listen to advice and can't figure out vent. Run out rogue pulls maly, end of problem, raid morale reboosted. Vent ringing with the sound of evil laughter. Lolz.