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The Queue: Going to a party party {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 9:48PM Comparing Varian to Thrall is kind of unfair- Thrall is the Horde's Jaina (even though she has less clout), and Varian is the Alliance's Basic Ca.. Garrosh (even though Varian has a few non-jackass moments), as it sounds like they're cementing in place for Cataclysm.

Now that that's out of the way, yes, Thrall's kind of a Mary-Sue. Not Rhonin-bad, but pretty bad, yeah. I think the reason most people love him anyways is because he's such a huge part of Warcraft, was created by Blizzard, can't do everything, and is more savior than full-blown god.
Compared with Rhonin: some pansy little mage created by an outside source who has done more than any character made in-house to change the course of history in Azeroth, save maybe Sargeras, and is the only reason several hardcore badasses are still alive/lived as long as they did. Also, he's married to Sylvanas' older sister and is the A'dal of Wrath- the insults never end.

In fact, even if Thrall was a little bit more perfect & had somehow managed to keep Grom alive, he'd still be better loved, because of both the in-house reason and because Grom is freaking legendary and is missed by all fans of badassedness.

Hot Topic introduces new WoW merchandise, cute model {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 9:15PM Originally, I believe makeup was most commonly used in warfare as camouflage for ambushes, warpaint to intimidate opponents on the battlefield, & as an important part of tribal rituals and ceremonial practices. Sad how it's devolved into what it is and has been for such a very long time. This of course, depends on how you choose to classify makeup as you may choose not to include body painting in the same category.

If you do, however, note the similarities between creations on the internet & the previous creations in history. Since things move much faster with the easy access of information and the rarely regulated level of free speech given to those with computers, you are gifted/cursed to live in a time where you can see the creation of something wonderful *and* its decline into something tragic & bland.

Summary: The human race has always had the unique ability to bastardize good things, and now technology allows us to do so even faster. While stating such, I come off as supercilious and use many recondite words. Indubitably.

Patch 3.3 PTR: Deathbringer Saurfang impressions {WoW}

Nov 13th 2009 5:14AM Pshh. Bolvar was a crutch for the Alliance :p

BlizzCon 2010: July in Las Vegas [Updated x5] {WoW}

Nov 13th 2009 12:29AM @ Chukie
I really hope that was a Red Vs. Blue reference- if so, awesome :D

Malware targeting gamers gets some mainstream spotlight {WoW}

Nov 5th 2009 11:47PM Please note that the authenticators are $6.50, which is a one-time cost equal to less than 2 weeks worth of WoW time if you're using those 60 day subscription cards. Also, straight from the Blizzard Store:
"Please note: Shipping fees have been waived on this product to reduce consumer costs."

It's not like they're telling you that playing one requires it & trying to charge you $50 plus your first born son for it, it's for additional security & it's $6.50 which is basically Blizzard offering it as "Free plus Shipping & Handling." Hardly a ripoff.

---Some extra tips to lower chances of getting ripped off: ---
Don't make your passwords easy as hell like the name of your city,
Don't visit questionable websites,
DON'T VISIT QUESTIONABLE WEBSITES (we all know that needed repeating),
Don't click on links in emails from people you don't know,
Don't click on links in emails from people you know if it looks like they didn't write it,
Try to highlight/copy/paste links from emails into the address bar as a habit,
Don't open emails with titles like "MAke you BIGGER IN 2 weeks!" (1 week or gtfo- jk :p),
Have an anti-virus/anti-spyware program,
Don't hand out your password,
Don't let people watch you type your password,
Don't write down your password,
Don't make your "I forgot my password" questions ridiculously easy,
Don't click "remember my password" when using someone else's computer browser,
...are you seeing a pattern here?

Basically, "don't be an idiot" is a really effective security plan. Not bulletproof, but better than nothing. There's a good chance that if anyone you know got hacked, they broke a rule. Let's be honest, they probably got tagged by an "18+" site. Those make up about 97% of "questionable websites," and 90% of the "rules broken pie-chart" by most people.
Authenticators are awesome if you're in an area that can get them & you're not a complete cheapskate though- you can write your account name & password on the wall at BlizzCon & you won't be hacked unless you also drop your authenticator :)

A WoW player's guide to microtransactions {WoW}

Nov 5th 2009 11:15PM @RogueJedi86

"You say "pets are okay but raiding gear isn't" specifically because you raid. But many of us are pet fiends, and this is $20 we have to spend to continue collecting pets in WoW."
"why not simply put them on the Blizzard store and save us having to trying to find a copy of the Collector's Edition? I can think of a lot of late comers to WoW who would love that Zergling Pet."

A true "pet fiend" has spent much more than $20 in the course of obtaining Thunderhead Hippogryphs, Bananas, Dragon Kites & the Collector's Edition pets. This way you don't have to troll eBay or buy tons of TCG boosters when you might not even play the card game. This expansion has introduced plenty of cool pets, but yes, some are going to be exclusive- Murky & Grunty from BlizzCon, as well as Tyrael from the Worldwide Invitational are great examples that come to mind. All badass, all unavailable to the casual "$15 a month is enough" WoW player. (Poor Grunty, sold through DirecTv though... the shame he must feel...)
Also, I can tell you that there is nothing I would like more right now than to be able to get the Black Qiraji Battle Tank, and I can tell you that it's never going to happen, since they've started automatically opening the gates to An'Qiraj when they start a new server. This hurts me a little, but really I'm okay with it, since my having it would take away from the people who got theirs back when it meant something- this way, it continues to have worth. (Though being able to at least use the other colors outside of AQ would be awesome.) Similarly, I'm glad it's a complete pain in the ass to get the original Collector's pets like the zergling, because again, as much as I'd like to have them, it's kind of a slap in the face to the people who got it when WoW originally came out & I'd hate to strip the worth of something they have just because I want it too. "Yeah, you've been playing since we started making this game, and chipped in the extra for the Collector's Edition, but we want a couple extra bucks, so we're giving away extra copies of your stuff. Hope you enjoyed being original." They've already sold just about everything else in the original CE separately, at least they haven't sold out when it comes to the pets.
The main point is that raid gear is not cosmetic & pets/mounts/tabards are. A vanity pet does not help you out-dps other raiders, giving you a better chance to get into a raid. A mount does not add to your heals per second. Tabards do not mitigate damage. None of those things will help in Arena or Battlegrounds either. They're just fun. On the other side, gear can look pretty too, but if they sell that, you get some kid with his mom's credit card facerolling you to hell after you spent countless hours grinding, earning your gear. Screw that.


Breakfast Topic: Will you buy the new in-game pets? {WoW}

Nov 5th 2009 10:44PM P.S.
In before obligatory "TLDNR" reply :)