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Breakfast topic: How do you pronounce "Medivh," exactly? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2007 8:34AM Actually, the "ch" in Auchindoun is pronounced like when you say "loch" (scottish lake). The sound is similar to the noise you make when trying to get rid of a tickly throat OR when bringing up muscus for a chunky spit.

One tank to rule them all? Devs say no. {WoW}

Mar 9th 2007 11:05AM #8 You're missing the point. It's more like: yes all 3 can tank but in doing so each brings something different to the party.

I would agree that in 5 man instances the pecking order is Pally>Druid>Warrior simply because the first two can heal and buff although if a tanking druid pops out of bear form to heal with full feral spec he is likely going to die.

In 10-man and greater instance you are better off having a prot warrior as tank because he has more skills for creating threat on multiple mobs. Also, and it may be my imagination, but plate just seems to take more of a bashing than leather before it gets damaged. When my bear tanks it doesn't take very many encounters before his armour is below 80% whereas my warriors armour seems to be more resistant to damage. Anyone else find that?

Druids get a hotfixy gift {WoW}

Mar 8th 2007 7:34AM As a previous poster pointed out, the druid is only good in individual roles when talent specc'd accordingly and even then they're not as good as the pure class (warrior/rogue/healer).

This is ensured by the completely f'ed up druid talent tree. E.g. Having rage generation, omen of clarity and shape-shifting mana-reduction skills in the resto tree and 25% of Strength healing and Intellect buffs high up in the feral tree.

Further limitations are ensured by the types of equipment available meaning that in feral gear at 65th level my mana is less than 4000. Druid spells cost ALOT of mana - 750 for a regrowth and full heal and about 450 for a rejuv. So, a few spells and a druid is OOM.

Furthermore, the very point of being a hybrid is that when you're in trouble you pop out of feral form and heal and then back in. However, this is barely possible with one mob, with more than one I am dead due to the mobs interrupting my casting.

According to the warriors, the main problems with the prot warrior is holding aggro and low dps. A prot warrior doesn't need dps, he needs hits, armour and rage to use his aggro-building skillz,

So, after 2.0.10, Druids are doing alot less damage and generating similar amounts of threat thanks to the increase in mangle threat rating?? This doesn't help the prot warrior at all.

My 65th Druid after 2.0.10:
Armour: down 1000 (at 65th its now 12,300)
Hits: down 1000 (at 65th its now 7,600)

Mangle damage (normal): down ~150 pts (now ~314pts dam)
Mangle damage (crits): down ~300 - 400 pts (now max 720 pts)

Swipe damage (normal): down ~150 pts (now 120 pts dam.)
Swipe damage (crits): down ~150 pts (now 220 pts)

Druids get a hotfixy gift {WoW}

Mar 7th 2007 5:48AM Agree with #5, Blizz couldn't plan a piss-up in a brewery.

Sure the TBC roll-out went relatively smoothly wrt to server uptime but they screwed up the druid spec big time.

They really have no idea what they're doing. It's not planned, it's all in reaction to forum feedback and they're getting pulled between those who are crying "nerf druids" and the druids who are saying "leave us the f*ck alone".

Imo, Blizz should stop nerfing classes. They should instead concentrate on the aspects of the classes that are weak i.e. prot warrior tanking abilities or lack thereof

A fresh set of 2.0.10 patch notes {WoW}

Mar 6th 2007 8:03AM "Miles ahead of the mages"

You, sir, are clearly lying or your mages need to L2P.

I have a 65th level feral druid and my guild mate has a 64th level frost mage. We're both wearing Quest equipment and his DPS FAR outstretches mine. He is critting for 1800 hits quite regularly. Frosties don't even do as much damamge as fire mages so that should tell you alot about the relative DPS.

Tanking and DPS are two different things. I agree that swipe and the bear form itself generate alot of aggro and that could be one thing that is diluted. After all a feral druid is supposed to be an off-tank/off-healer/off-dps so he shouldn't generate more aggro than a warrior.

I would however question peoples skillz. A party should give the warrior time to get off 3 sunders before laying on the dps. He should use a shield, he should be defensive stance and he should be proc'ing shield bashes, revenges, shouts and sunders regularly to keep aggro. Even now it would be difficult for my bear to pull aggro from our guild prot warrior who does the aforementioned well.

Like I said the prot warrior is far from even average but that is no reason to nerf the druid. Although most warriors moan about lack of dps capability and blizz have always said the warrior is not supposed to be a dps merchant. A tank generates threat and takes a beating. The onyl wrong with the bear form is that it does seem to pull more aggro without even trying than a warrior.

A fresh set of 2.0.10 patch notes {WoW}

Mar 6th 2007 7:21AM @#8 You are an idiot.

Saying a good druid is better than a prot warrior is like saying philadelphia cheese causes more damage than soft ice cream when thrown in someone's face.

The prot warrior is crap. The feral druid - pre TBC - was worse at tanking than a hunter. Now the feral druid can tank reasonably well.
The answer is NOT to nerf the druids but buff the warriors (which they are doing to some degree).
So now we are back to where we were before TBC.

It's like car manfacturer with 2 models of car: the Executive Saloon and the Luxury sports. One year they upgrade the Executive model and then realise that the Luxury model is only slightly better if at all. Do you think the car manufacturer says "Alright, lets make the Executive saloon more shit to compensate"? No, they improve the Luxury model as well.

Blizz devs are complete retards.

How to not kill Magtheridon {WoW}

Mar 5th 2007 6:48AM I lol'd so hard at #7's comment.

Is that your definition of a man?? You seriously need to get laid.

WoW Moviewatch: Druid Epic Flight Form {WoW}

Mar 5th 2007 4:11AM Totally agree with #5. Paul, this was irresponsible of you. Even though we know you meant it as a joke, even joking about nerfing druids seems to give Blizz the impetous they need to do just that.

It has taken us 2 years of campaigning to get the feral druid where he is right now. Then a few warlocks go QQ in the forums and blizz swings the nerf bat.

Notice how they've softened the nerfing of Pallies, shamans and priests in 2.0.10 after the backlash when they released the notes.

A realistic look at druid tanking {WoW}

Feb 27th 2007 4:17AM @10 I think you're missing the point. MOST people will not get attuned to the 25-man raids. They will howewver spend ALOT of time in Outland's 5 and 10-man instances.
Now I don't know how you do your 5 man instances but MOST good groups will sheep/sap one or 2 mobs, set the MT on another and then the off-tank/pet on the remaining mob. The party will then dps the off-tank's mob, then the MT's mob and then the sheeped and sapped mobs. Rinse & Repeat.

For the majority of non-boss encounters this is how an 5-man outland instance like ramparts or BF run.

Our warrior has NO difficulty holding aggro in these situations. 3 sunders and the mob is his for the duration. ALSO you can see that there is no opportunity or neccessity for a druid to swipe, in fact swipe would bring the sapped/sheeped mobs back into combat.

So your argument that a druid is superior to a warrior in instances is wrong. The druid offers an off-tank/off-healer role but also a "break-glass-in-case-of-emergency" during accidental pulls. Shift to bear form, challenging roar grabs all the mobs, hit swipe a couple of times and then soak up the damage whilst the rest of the party re-groups.

That's the way we use our druid and this won't change even after the patch but what the patch will do is stop us from running instances when our one prot spec'd warrior is not available. WHy? Because against a single mob there really is no substitute for sunder, revenge and shield bash for generating aggro. A bear only has it's roar (6 secs aggro only) and normal attacks - which are at 2.5 secs (remember he can't swipe without bringing the sapped/sheeped mobs back into combat).

So, in summary, warriors are fine if you know what you're doing e.g. L2P. Druids, after years of neglect by Blizzard, were finally given a badly needed boost and able to PvP and suddenly we're nerfed again.

What bothers me is Blizzard's part in all this. They've either made changes and released them WITHOUT doing the proper testing OR they're they're just scanning the forums, checking out which group is bleating the most and then busting a gut to change things to accommodate those who QQ.

Either way they're incompetent.