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Potential character model revisions in Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 24th 2009 2:05PM I would love for them to update the character models. As people have pointed out Draenai, Belves, Worgen and Goblins look awesome.... however the older models (especially humans) are lackluster and awkward in their animations....

I'm sorry about the human hate, but every time I run COT I cringe.... why do humans run like they have a pole somewhere painful??

Some suggestions;
1. Smooth out the basic character animations for all older races
2. Update facial features BUT give everyone a chance to change their face via standard character selection page. (ie; you buy cata, on installation you can choose to change the facial features) thus giving people who DONT like the newer models the option to find one they are happy with.
3. fix the armour clipping issues.
4. more hairstyles ;)

I dont want wow to turn into an Oblivion style character customization where it take 10 hours to get something vaguely bearable, I LIKE the more simpler version wow has, just bring the older stuff into line with the new stuff.

WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 7:03PM aw 282 pages of comments already?

would gladly throw tirion off a cliff for this pet >

Spiritual Guidance: I guess we're perfect {WoW}

Sep 28th 2009 5:40PM As raid lead and heals of a 10 man raid guild, we routinely run with 2 heals - resto druid and myself (dual specced holy/disc priest)

We ran all of naxx/OS pulling off most of the achievements with only two of us. Even when most pugs thought we where insane for even trying without a third healer. Hell, I've even solo healed bosses when my druid pal got DC'd. Only now hitting Uld and TOTC are we adding a third healer to our team.

I also just ran Ony 10man with three priest healers. We wiped once because half the raid stood in her breath, downed her second go.

Priests may not top boards but they MORE than make up for it in versatility, and a skilled priest is always going to be useful in a raid.

The more I progress in raid healing, the more its obvious that meters are such a miniscule demonstration of ability. My targets dont die, I have minimal overheal and enough mana to finish a boss fight with not *too* much stress ;)

When it comes down to it, thats really all that matters.

Drama Mamas: Don't feed the trolls {WoW}

Aug 21st 2009 7:44PM "It's the one that doesn't make a big deal out of being a girl and wants to be respected as an equal, not constantly be the center of attention. "

^ agreed....

Recruit based on a players skill, not their gender. Make all players feel welcome in the guild. Don't assume a girl is either a) an incompetent noob or b) available for your flirting pleasure....

Watch what goes on in the background, we've had to kick a guy out of the guild because he was harrassing female members in /w. Make it clear you're there to sort out any problems, some girls aren't comfortable speaking up to a guy who is crossing the line. It may get to the point where you have to speak up for them. One of the girls involved, was contemplating switching servers because of that guy, she didnt want to say anything because she didnt want to cause a fuss :S

As raid lead, officer and one of our guilds top healers, I am the ONLY frequently playing female in our guild. The fact that I am female is rarely commented on unless we are playing at our standard debate of "do girls exist on the internets?" ;)

I dont get preferential treatment, I dont get flirted with, and I dont get constant comments about being a female. I'm mostly treated like one of the guys, and am one of the longest playing and experienced raiders in our guild. And personally, thats just the way I like it.

Our only rules in regards to gchat/vent is that any topics involving; rape, paeodophilia, abuse or suicide are banned. (a rule agreed upon by all guild officers - the rest of whom are guys) and that the swearing is kept to a minimum.

We're fine with the occasional adult convo, after all we're all adults, and when we get a new recruit we explain that to them. I wouldnt make a big deal over saying "oh noes a female, quick be good" it will just make everyone uncomfortable.

If you really want to make your guild "girl friendly" I'd recommend tracking down a previous female guildie, and asking them why they left. It will give you good insight as to what you can do to improve your guild.

Officers' Quarters: Disposable raiders {WoW}

May 4th 2009 8:32PM As tempting as it is to kick a pug for a guildie, we never do. The guildie is told to be on time or tell us he will be late otherwise his spot isnt guaranteed. If a spot opens up later, obviously we'll ask the guildie over finding another pug.

We've always been mindful of treating pugs fairly (ie; they dont get kicked, they dont get ignored, and they get equal share of loot) as such we have several people (whose gear and skill far outrank the raids we run) who are willing to help our guild out no questions asked because they LIKE running with us...

The whole attitude that loot is just for guildies is BS, you wouldnt have got that loot without that pug. The amount of times a pug has whispered me and said "I will get loot right?" sadly makes me think this is more common than I first thought
*shakes head*

Insider Trader: Who keeps the shards? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2009 6:08PM I have maxed enchanting and have bought all northrend recipes. I am also pretty much the "guild enchanter".

If we run a guild run, and I am the only enchanter, yes I end up with all the loots to DE. Abyss Crystals get put in the GB for people to use for high end enchants.

If there is even one pugged person in the run, then the disenchanted mats are rolled for.

I usually pipe up at the beginning of an instance, explain I'm an enchanter, that I will roll greed on any item that drops and that we can roll for shards/crystals at the end. Never had a problem in any instance I've run :)

I dont know why some enchanters are being jerks about this - I had enough dream shards to buy all the recipes and several stacks left over just from DE-ing quest rewards and dungeon drops by 75.... they are hardly rare

I'd be more likely to ninja some cosmic essence or infinite dust, I can never get enough of that :P