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The Daily Quest: Of lists, lists and oh yes more lists {WoW}

Mar 9th 2009 3:57PM The alliance warlock twink guide is a bit *too* outdated and not very helpful or applicable. That buildis the all-too typical 'stam-build' for lvl. 19 lock twinks. The thing is, the pure damage build leaves you with 199-206 bonus shadowpower unbuffed while having 1.3k hp unbuffed (popping sacrifice tosses in another 300 hp per soul shard). From ~all~ of my experiences, my pure damage build is a lot better at pvp than the stam build.

When your Curse of Agony and Corruption together total up to 750 damage, dots just destroy the health of other toons (including the typical stam build). I think that the damage build is leagues better than the stam build... I think its great when you can run at the main group in a BG, hit all 10 players with CoA and Corruption... and less than half of them make it out alive.