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The Queue: This is the worst Queue in the world -- Rebecca Black's Friday {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 5:54PM Any news on mike schramm and turpster? I'm sure when they left someone said that we'd at least get some news on them :)

Spiritual Guidance: Valor point and raid gear for discipline and holy priests {WoW}

Jan 24th 2011 5:34PM Surely if they're nerfing a mana ability that people were previously abusing will now need the trinket more than ever?

The Guild season 3, episode 8 (with gag reel) {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 8:26PM Totally agree with you, this season has been fairly funny, the vork scenes really keep me going but there's only so much of this bullying I can take! I mean...they can take...Oh...lord....
What I mean is that they can't just sit idly by!

The Queue: There's more than one way to skin a worgen {WoW}

Oct 19th 2009 8:33PM 1. the movie in itself is an absolute masterpiece! I understand that you love the book, but i'm getting round to reading it, i promise! ^_^
2. I'm sorry to say that i think your wintergrasp honor strategy is highly over estimated, i never, ever see that much honor from wintergrasp ever and I'm really not "doing it wrong" I do those quests one a week and they accumulate around 11k honor which is enough for one epic gem and the rest of the honor from wintergrasp and the other battlegrounds is frankly garbage. Even the "for great honor" quest is so outdated that i could probably sell the rewards i get from gathering those marks on the black market for more honor and they'd be getting a huge bargain.
For your other point (that 2 months for a set of pvp gear isn't bad) 2 months to be severely undergeared and still getting the pudding beaten out of you like it was season 5 all over again IS a long time. It is a very, very long time to be two seasons behind, I've spent this expansion and the last being behind in gear and genuinely suffering because of it; sure i may have spent the first parts of these expansions doing "too much" pve but that's not truly the point, i should be able to be at most one season behind with the top end gear still going to the hardcores.
Shai-hulud and thankyou for the feedback guys, the skinning comments really did confirm my worst fears. We must not fear, fear is the mind killer.

The Queue: There's more than one way to skin a worgen {WoW}

Oct 19th 2009 3:12PM Shai-hulud! Worm sign the likes of which god has never seen....that movie is so good i actually makes me want to hurt a litle bit.
On a question note after all the helping i did last week (or at least i hope it helped) i have two questions:
1. Why is the wow player base filled with people who really really badly want to skin worgens/taurens, i see that question all the time!
2. Is there any sign that blizzard is going to vamp up the honor gains anytime soon? I grinded up 75k honor (capped out at 75k QQ) as i was levelling my druid and it really atonished me that i could only buy one piece, after looking around it seems i'll have to spend around 300k honor ,not including all the wintergrasp marks i'll need, just for a very basic set of pvp gear! Spending emblems on pvp is not an option either as i like to enjoy all aspects of the game. i honestly think this is being sorely overlooked, i have a main, i've done it once and man did it hurt the first time...

The Queue: Irrelevant {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 10:45PM I think you'll find that "hacked" being slang is whatever meaning it is frequently put to use as and it being slang it can have multiple meanings in different societies/social groups; thus hacked in modern times, on a wow website surely means getting someones details through programs and other suspicious formats.
Please do not confuse the english language and it's diversity as being fact.
p.s. There is no need to disregard a persons post because they used dubious language, being rude on these comments is awful, the site was set up to help. Really, take it elsewhere.

The Queue: Irrelevant {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 10:41PM Zaringu: blizzard is probably working through this now, but what a very pleasant idea.
Phoenix: I hate to say it because you raised some nice points about the actual process but it's not what i'm saying. I'm saying that the simplicfication process will be only simple if you don't look into it, there will sitll be a relevence for theory crafters because of the way that talents,mastery and hopefully path of the titans will work in synergy. I tried to explain this and your misunderstanding is bred from my very poor explaination summarised above. I still believe that because of the way these stats work and the new found harmony they will have with non-gear based stats (come catalysm) like armour pen.

The Queue: Irrelevant {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 6:55PM This is a perfectly legitimate question so pleae don't flame him people.
No I don't believe that there is a way that this can happen because blizzard have been around for a while and although their coding isn't perfect most bugs get fixed pronto so no. But you were perfectly right to be weary! Always be cautious because being hacked can ruin the game for you so: be suspicious of links and those bearing gifts because one day it'll pay off and you'll thank yourself!
Hope you're enjoying your world of warcraft play btw is a wonderful site to start with and the guides and such can be very helpful :D
bump for the next wow rookie post for this guy? ^_^

The Queue: Irrelevant {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 6:52PM I think that the worgens coming from humans clears that question up- they'll just speak..english? (or human at least)
as for goblins? I'm not 100% sure about their history but a little wowwiki dective-ship ( shows that they were originally a reclusive and "stupid" race so that points to them learning human or basic or whatever is the mediating language of wow throughout history rather than developing their own. This isn't to say they aren't independent but rather they filled a gap needed in the society, a neurtal source for all their war needs!
Worgens were originally humans so they're already spoken for (sorry for the pun).
Goblins in their nature of filling the gap and reacting to the world have most likely just learnt the other languages that dominated trade. This is pure speculation and as they have existed for a very long time may or may not be true's what i think and it's what's here :).

The Queue: Irrelevant {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 6:18PM Surely I'm not the first to notice that this "stat simplification" isn't going to be that simple? the way that i see it is that: there are only going to be a certain number of stats, but those stats equate to different things for different classes (and hopefully will tie into the mastery spec system) so you'll actually end up getting the same amount of theorycrafting but with a simplified system so you don't actually have to do the theory crafting and you can understand things from a much lower level.
If the above was confusing don't worry! i'll give you an example:
I play a hunter, we "do" agility. But that agility might not be as valuable as say stamina in a survival spec (with the stam/attackpower talent) at some point and the cap will be determined through teory crafting, mastery statspon gear will determine how much mastery i need to be at a good point to not stack anything anymore; for example a chest has 100 stam 100 agi and 100 int on (for pure example and not actual stats) but it also has 15 mastery given theory crafting and spread-sheeting i find that another chest with less mastery and more stats is alot better because of the values it entails). I hope i'm not being idiotic about this and i'm sure i've missed some stuff out but hey, that's what comments are for please add to my thoughts and disprove my ideas ^_^