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Should Death Knights get one runeblade for life? {WoW}

Mar 24th 2009 6:56PM Death Knights should take 1 runeblade for life, without being able to reforge it. The Death Knight names it blade and creates it directly after creating his Death Knight model. Name should NOT be random. Neither should the model or name be edited. And as in history, the Runeblades are somewhat unique, in that they all had a type of ability (like how you can Forge Runes onto your blade, therefore making it an actual runeblade). I think it should work like that, you pick your enchant after you make the model, and the enchant will give it an art effect (or not i guess). The blade should not be enhancable or enchantable in anyway other then by the swords own means.

It should scale in power with the Death Knight (So that the runeblade is always in the top 10 percentile via DPS.) Plus it will have its own special ability, a chance on hit to do so much extra damage or to reduce attributes or whatever. So you pick that little talent your Runeblade gets forever, and that talent scales with levels.

1 Runeblade
1 Model
1 Name
All customizable.
Select a talent (ex, chance on hit to paralyze the target with feel for .2 seconds)

Talent effect and DPS scale with the Runeblade.

Of course this means the DPS will be unfair, but I also think Dks should start at 80, and require a level 80 with full epic items equiped for it to work. (And the epic items must be related to your class, so Warriors can't just equip a bunch of epic cloth items, they would need to be epic plate items, that way its more difficult to get a Death Knight, and therefore the dk will be more deserving of the runeblade instead of having a bunch of OP heros.)

Also, I have always believed that if you created a Death Knight, you would only have around 30 days to play it. After 30 days you are presented with 2 choices, Retain your life (thereby deleting your only Death Knight) or retain your power (keeping your death knight but at the cost of all your other characters on that realm.)

This, again, keeps Death Knights limited so not everyone can have a rigged hero alt, you would either have to play the Death Knight forever, along with its runeblade (so you will have at least earned the dk in a way) or retain your diversity. I think this would make Death Knights much more credible.

This would also keep Death Knights at an epic level. (You'd have to be pretty good to get a hero fully decked out in corresponding epic armors and weaponry, if you're that good, then you will be able to play a Death Knight like a pro instead of all these level 55 noobs with no skill making gnome death knights.)

And furthermore, the Death Knight should be limited to the race that your level 80 character who is fully decked out in epics is. So you can't just pick Humans so you get all the easy leveling and easy epic items just so ucan then make a gnome ownage death knight. If yur level 80 is a tauren, then that taurenis killed and becomes a death knight. Theres no reasonfor a human to die and be reborn as a death night gnome -_-

Oh btw, think the epic items need to be level 80 as well, and or a reward from a lvel 80 req quest. (Otherwise you could just dawn level 30 epics :p)

Honestly there is a reason Death Knights were Arthas' Generals. They were powerful. So make them powerful, but hard to get.

And yes I know people will still cry that dks are too powerful, and everyone will just delete all their characters so they can attain epicly powerful Death Knights, So, Death Knights shouldn't be that much stronger then a warrior, just slightly better (no stronger, just the runeblade makes the death knight stronger then any other class, but only by 10%, and even then its not impossible to find a weapon stronger then a runeblade, runeblades aren't supposed to be godlike, but say at level 80, the blade would be able to say, have a chance on ht to inflict a 5 second stun or reduce all atribute by 50% for 5 seonds, or cut moment speed by 85% for 20 second. things like that, plus it would be in the top 10% most damage weapons, but it would never become the most powerul because it cant be enchnted :p.)

I realize no one will read this post, but if u think this is an idea worth looking into, or i you want me to clarify anything about these ideas ( i know some conflict with eachother), then email me and i'll be happy to talk about it :-D

WoW Rookie: Speak Like A Human {WoW}

Mar 12th 2009 5:25PM Kim seems to be a prime example of "You're taking this too seriously"
We can all understand her perfectly, but her grammar is less then perfect. And if you need a 'personalized hallmark card' to group with a given person then I guess Kim won't be able to join either now will she?

But lets not forget one thing here people. Typos exist. Children exist.
My grandpa, as brilliant as he is, cannot type as fast as you or me. Shame on him for not correcting his typo or for trying to save himself time in his age/time deprived life?

You people should be ashamed of yourself for judging people who aren't as perfect as you are. Stop taking the game so seriously. I myself enjoy RP as much as a fluent Roleplayer, but I also use the letter 'u' to indicate the word 'you'. I hardly notice it, and its the only shorthand I use (that I've noticed). Are you going to kick me out of your guild because of 2 letters?

Seriously, come on people. Use your heads, instead of your. . . nevermind.