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WoW Rookie: Choose your class! {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 2:48AM er shamans suck b@lls for nw player thier fun but soooooooo sucky unless u go troll which there not bad but i hate horde

so i would choose gnome/human mage/warlock/// i hate human warlock so boreing/undead warlock fun to most but i hate it/

if u dont like magic becuse u think its evil or something then choose druid druid is a VERY boreing class at first untill u get cat form, but i like to have fun all the way so id choose mage for fun/warlock for useability and a little fun or druid if u want/////for druid be a night elf, but i cant stand em becuse of there god damn ears!!!! so so damn pointy!!!! POINTY!!!!!!!!!!........ er srry seizure. well thats my opinion and do not under any circumstances choose human paladine its really boreing once u hit lvl 7-9..

i play games for fun i dont want to grind all day and get no fun out of it so choose gnome/blood elf mage///// best professions for your first mage toon is skinning/fishing,herbalisam/alcemy for hp pots but if u need this u suck at being a mage,and if u want fun+money choose skinning/tailoring u can make yer own armor WOOT!!! SKINNING IS A MUST UNLESS U HAVE A MAIN THAT CAN SUPPLY GOLD