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Pilgrim's Bounty FAQ {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 6:57AM Seriously, you guys should stop complaining... i got over 120 in a row on my hunter, came back and got 40 on my paly in 10 minutes, followed by my dk who took 15 minutes... It's very easy to get 40 in a row;
choose an area away from the city, spam the /tar wild turkey macro, while on the mount, a turkey gets targetted... you look around your screen, and hey presto...there is a yellow go on your screen... run to it..kill it, loot, remount..spam macro.

If you are worried about time..don't loot, although that only takes 2 seconds.

World of Warcraft 3.1 PTR Patch Notes {WoW}

Mar 15th 2009 11:05AM This definately is incomplete...

I'm a lvl 80 BM hunter 51 pointer with Loque as my pet.

When i hit 80 i respecced to survival, as thats really the only competitive tree to be on, but i miss my pet so i respecced back to BM... its only a game and i love the look and feel of Loque...

No mention of the new Spirit beast Gondria which is pretty nice news for BM hunters... nicer news would be to slightly buff the exotic beasts so they are better at their respective jobs than "normal"

Take Loque for instance. One of the rarest pets in the game...its one hell of an accomplishment to get him, yet his dps is weaker than a normal cat... its just silly. Exotic rare elite pets should be just that... Elite pets.

the rarer the pet the better the stats. Rare purple Armour, etc is amazing compared to blues, and yet the equivalent in pets(an extension of the hunter, just as the sword is equivalent to a warrior) is actually weaker than the normal pets.

I'm not asking for them to be totally unbalanced, but look at the 3 51 talants for hunters...

Survival = Explosive shot
Marksmanship = Chimera Shot
Beast Master = Tame exotic pets

You see my point...BM is the only 51 point tree that actually doesn't benefit DPS at all, forcing Exotic pet fans to use the giant Devilsaurs (which lets face it...the size and noise they make, just points to the hunter in the area...) to get the smallest boost to dps. Madness just Madness.

All i'm asking for is to make the Exotic pets THE BEST PETS IN THE GAME... the Cunning exotics need to be faster and more agile, the Ferocity Pets need to do more damage and the Tenacity Pets need to be Better tanks, otherwise... what is the point? seriously?

I gotta say though...i love the "on the fly stable call"... and dual speccing will be useful for BM/surv hunters... IF they sort out the viability of Exotic pets...