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If Cataclysm were to include a new class, what would it be? {WoW}

Sep 28th 2009 9:57AM Priestess of the Moon. VERY SIMPLE.
Still a WC3 hero, easy to give it healing spells. Would add another class that can use bows...

Deconstructing the Cataclysm trailer {WoW}

Sep 4th 2009 1:44PM To be honest based upon what I saw in the trailer I think that a defeat of The Lich King at Icecrown is NOT the end of him:
"As the terrible war against The Lich King continues..."
Yeah - that does NOT sound final to me. I'd guess that you defeat him/kill Arthas and he makes/chooses a new champion. Perhaps even an in game achievement allowing first guild to down him to choose who becomes the new champion?

Cataclysm races leaked {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 2:11PM wtb nerubians and pandaren pls. And yes that would work - you dont need to have 2 legs to ride a mount - 4/6 legs would work with slight graphic adjustment

srsly goblins blow... and why on earth would worgen ally with alliance...???

Ask a Lore Nerd: Speculation station {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 3:02PM Ummm...
Just a wild thought here but if they add hero classes like the ones in WC3 (which the death knight is) and your assumption about the Druids talking is correct - it wont be an "Arch Druid" rather recall the famous PRIESTESS OF THE MOON from WC3.

Seriously - it would be another dps/heal class merge with the Bow as main weapon (which really makes sense for another class to weild bows actively).

Blizz doesnt need more tanks, or more dps so a dps/heal class is logical.

Patch 3.1.2 goes live today {WoW}

May 19th 2009 4:21PM Ok I was just looking around various forums and stuff. Apparently the conflag consumption is NOT happening... so I see big buff. If the consumption is instituted then it is major nerf.

Patch 3.1.2 goes live today {WoW}

May 19th 2009 3:52PM Well unless what wowinsider posted is wrong...


Glyph of Conflagrate redesigned: When you use Conflagrate, the damage done by your next 3 Destruction spells is increased by 10% for 15 seconds if the Immolate on the target has 5 or fewer seconds remaining."

Don't tell me that doesn't suck. Seriously, thats ALOT more immolates we need to cast and ALOT less conflags we get to cast.

And I don't know how they calculate this but it could be a huge nerf:

"Conflagrate updated: Consumes an Immolate or Shadowflame effect on the enemy target to instantly deal damage equal to 12 seconds of your Immolate, or 8 seconds of your Shadowflame."

Patch 3.1.2 goes live today {WoW}

May 19th 2009 11:33AM wow... thanks blizz for fucking over destro locks.
Yes, the new fire and brimstone talent is VERY nice, but the change to the conflag glyph screws us over so hard... omfg

Breakfast Topic: What's the best pun name you've ever seen? {WoW}

Apr 19th 2009 1:37PM a shammy i know: Shammeltoe
pvp warlock: fearedtodeth
tauren druid: gotmilkk
hunter: Ålçååpwn

a guild, no longer around: Crit My Pants.

Blood Pact: Warlock tips for Naxx-10 part 2 {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 6:39PM Doomguard tanking 4 horsemen anyone? Seriously - not only will your pet be dishing out MAD dps but it creates massive aggro too, depending on your spec you may not even need to really heal him much either.

Another FANTASTIC thing ive found (actually for 25) is Soulstoning the kiters on gluth. If they do screw up or are just learning, it gives them a second chance.

Officers' Quarters: Time for another rant {WoW}

Mar 16th 2009 10:03AM I gotta say, I tottally agree with this article. Im a class leader in my guild (warlock) and I help lead by playing my very best at all times. Members of my guild respect me and come to me for advice, simply because they see that I am a good player: I can out dps anyone in the guild and I have yet to be consistently defeated in duels by my guildies.
On top of that, I make sue to do favors for guildies, like using some guild resources to make some gear for characters when they hit 80 as a bit of a "prize".

I figure that if a guild wants to do it right, they need to lead by example, and i do my best to do that each and every day.