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The Queue: Your Ex-Lover is Dead {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 3:59AM Oh, Stars, very good choice. :) Love Your Ex-Lover Is Dead especialyl, simply because of the pre-song thing. ^^ Take Me To The Riot or Dead Hearts are also fantastic. :)

As for Panda females - oh god yes, please not a repeat of the Worgen females. *shudder*
I don't care about them not having boobs, actually I prefer that, seriously sexualize werewolves? but the snarl... THE SNARL....

I actually hope the Panda females are not at all or at least not all that much sexualized, just slightly smaller and slimmer versions of the male Pandas with more feminine faces etc. We really don't need sexualized Pandas. Is anyone other than furries looking at female Tauren and thinking "oh yeah... I would ..." and is that actually a reaction we want or need?

I hope it's something along those lines, noticeably female but not too much so.

That guy also has a slimed down version of the male Pandaren in his gallery and it's just awful (not the drawing, the idea), the female version would face the same problems imo.

So please - no slimed down Baywatch female Pandaren...

WoW Moviewatch: Around the Campfire {WoW}

Oct 28th 2011 1:25PM Very good to see it linked here, it's a great machinima video with an awesome punchline.
wowcrendor excels once more ^^

Patch 4.3 PTR: Heart of the Aspects and other new mounts {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 3:52PM Hehe, not quite. ;)

Nah, I imagine it as an explosion of blinding (important, so we don't actually see the transformation) white light and after it fades all gathered dragons of all flights look like this and so do the five Aspects (or will they merge into one giant Aspect?).

As to how the Aspects will split their work, imo they could just keep it the way it is, Nozdormu Time, Alexstrasza Life etc. Imo the seperation into seperate flights was never relevant to their assigned duties, why must the Life flight be red, the Magic blue, why can't they all just be ONE flight and the Aspects the "chosen" among them to handle those duties?

Patch 4.3 PTR: Heart of the Aspects and other new mounts {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 3:28PM If that's *really* the Heart of the Aspects mount - and I'm inclined to believe so but in no way convinced - as I wrote on mmo-champion, possible hint to ONE future chromatic Dragonflight? The Five Flights sorta merging into one flight?

They did their "working as a unit, casting blinding white light" in the Thrall book, maybe this happens after they defeat Deathwing. There were always some differences between the flights, sometimes even conflicts, maybe conflicting loyalties. Now Deathwing is down, once the mightiest Aspect, who's to take his place, who will be imbued with the power of an Aspect? That new opportunistic black prince? Nah, they can't trust him enough yet.
Maybe they decide to do away with their differences, share the responsibilities the Titans bestowed upon them and magically - MAGIC! - transform into one unified Dragonflight?

Just an idea. Metzen said big things are gonna go down. *shrug*

Patch 4.3 PTR: Gear levels revealed for Dragon Soul raid {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 2:09PM I hope they will level up Dragonwrath like they did with Valanyr, especially as they're gonna nerf the proc. :(

WoW Moviewatch: Too Cute to Kill {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 12:43PM Ok, maybe I was a bit harsh about the "may I keep it?" video - I didn't like it. Done.
W2B edit function. For crying out loud...

WoW Moviewatch: Too Cute to Kill {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 12:31PM The machinima contest was really weird. Personally I don't think this one is all that great whereas wowcrendor's submission, while technically not impressive, had an awesome punchline. Also, this Starcraft "may I keep it?" thing seemed amateurish and the joke was very predictable.

The winner however (at least i think it was the winner), the Starcraft + Reality mashup ... amazing.

Here's wowcrendor's video for those who are interested

I think that joke is way way better than the Irdeen one.

Patch 4.3 PTR: High Society Top Hat pattern found ... again {WoW}

Oct 26th 2011 8:42AM They better not be fucking with us, I really want that top hat finally. :/

Zarhym weighs in on Theramore rumors in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 25th 2011 9:27AM I actually don't see how either of those beefs could do much for character development.
Her brother killed her father so first and foremost she'll have a beef with him and she'll also very much understand the concept of corruption, having experienced it in her own family.
She could go all Scarlet Crusade and see the Forsaken just as Scourge, undead things to be killed. Or she could see the Forsaken as her people, many of them are raised citizens of Lordaeron after all.

We know too little about her character and how she handled everything that happened in WC3 imo to speculate with any confidence.

I'm in no way convinced Calia Hastings = Calia Menethil. I tried to write a story about her once, how she went from Calia Menethil to Calia Hastings but just couldn't make it work. Not saying because I couldn't make it work no one can, definitely not. But I think there are too many problems to make it worthwhile/plausible.

The different hair color and surname just being minor problems (hair dye and marriage, or magical, name change, whatever). But how did she end up in Theramore (she left for Kalimdor around the the time of the Fall of Lordaeron so she could have joined the refugees, as herself or in disguise) and more importantly what was she up to during the rest of WC3, the later years, why is she a normal person in Theramore and not with Jaina, her brother's ex-girlfriend?

Calia Hastings is an SI:7 agent so apparently she went to Stormwind, why not talk to her brother's best friend Varian? Why become a secret agent serving a foreign nation in another foreign country? Why why why? Was she hiding, why is she still, 10 years later? What's she waiting for? Hell, if she had gone to Varian, openly, he would have a hell of a case with his whole "retaking Lordaeron!!!!" thing, even more so if she had married him. The heir of Lordaeron marrying the King of Stormwind, political marriage, would make perfect sense.
Why be in Theramore, under another name, as a SI:7 agent, 10+ years later?

Imo they'd have to crank out some really weird explanation to make Calia = Calia work, when the only basis we even have for thinking that Hastings = Menethil is their first name, which, in a big world as Azeroth supposedly is, is just gonna happen. She could just as well be a red herring and the day the devs introduce the real Calia Menethil they go "oh you silly players, thinking there's only a single person named Calia in this world, where'd you get this idea?".
There are several characters sharing last names in the game that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other and those are usually a stronger connection than first names.

Zarhym weighs in on Theramore rumors in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 25th 2011 9:06AM I'd *really* like to call *boo fucking hoo* here but off the top of my head I actually can't recall any major Alliance victories, storywise (who the hell won Andorhal anyway, wasn't it either side in their respective storyline, which doesn't make any fucking sense?). Although I haven't yet played through each new zone with toons of either side (e.g. fuck Silithus, seriously).

Have to agree with Darkseid in calling bull on the Alliance Unity thing. Tyrande is 10.000 years old and a chosen of her goddess, the leader of her people for 10.000 years. Malfurion, co-leader, same here only he's the most powerful druid in the world. Velen is way older than 10.000 years and, guess so, probably the world's "strongest" priest (he has one of his *gods* in the basement, beat that Tyrande).
Why the hell would either of them bow to Varian and his bloodlust?

I keep going back to a moment in Stormrage, Varian very nearly killed Broxigar's daughter EVEN THOUGH trusted friend Broll vouched for her, told him to stop, to cool it down, he nearly attacked her anyway. I get it that he has issues with the Orcs because of his father etc. but come on, you *can* go too far.

Also, I can't get over his hypocrisy. He hates everything Orcish but he'll gladly even refer to himself as Lo-Gosh, the orcish term, because he's all cool and wolfy etc. Why not call himself Goldrinn, the Night Elf version of the Ghost Wolf? And have a sitdown with the now-living Goldrinn and see how he likes it.

I also hate Garrosh, still, despite their - weak- efforts too cool him down, it's not limited to Varian/the Alliance. Hell, Garrosh and Varian are pretty much the same character anyway.

Blizzard makes MoP all about the conflict between Horde and Alliance, I really hope that they tone the conflict down after it. Or at least put more sensible people in charge.

@fudge: Much as I hate Garrosh, I have to assume he knows how Thrall valued Jaina and wouldn't attack/kill her outright. As a sign of respect or whatever he might just go "Lady Jaina, I *will* attack your city and you know I *will* take it. You have one day to gather up your people and leave, those who do will not be harmed. Whoever stays behind though, will die."

I don't think Jaina will *ever* go all-out "filthy orcs, kill them all!" but she might see that there can be no peace with Garrosh and decide not to pull punches any longer, while still trying to minimize casualties on either side whenever possible.