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Breakfast Topic: What do you think of region-specific pets? {WoW}

Jun 16th 2009 5:43AM @ Drahliana

I can definitely tell you that you are 100% wrong. Essence of Competition is a Chinese server only pet.

SPIRIT of Competition, however is available on US servers.

I would highly recommend knowing what you are talking about before claiming beyond all certainty to know that it is true.

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May 14th 2009 7:30AM Tiny Voodoo Mask

Nothing beats my own army of gnomes

Officers' Quarters: Time for another rant {WoW}

Mar 16th 2009 9:14PM Kudos. This article is very insightful and I wish that everybody would read this and think about the issues it brings forth.

I was an officer in a semi-hardcore raiding guild for a little over a year. I started as a new recruit and through dedication and hard work, I worked my way to the top. As an officer we encouraged exchange of ideas and viewpoints at all times, and we were successful and it worked great. We were working on Sarth 2D when I left.

When we started raiding in wrath, there was one member, a raid veteran, and her family members who started nit-picking every single decision made by the officers. They went even as far as complaining that officers were "unprofessional" for a single spelling error in a forums. They questioned every single comment we made, regardless of the context.

Unfortunately we would have been unable to them go since we are a smaller guild, and they had amassed quite a bit of influence within the guild. In addition most of this nitpicking was done in private, away from other members of the guild.

Towards the end, we had a meeting with them for them to express what specific issues they had with guild policy. They they froze up and couldnt think of any issues. The officers were all tired of the issue and our hands were tied since we had to take into account that their departure would mean the guild would stop raiding, something we were trying to avoid at all costs.

In the end, the guild collapsed, after me and 2 other of the seniormost officers left the guild due to burnout from all the nitpicking. I really dont play much anymore, as all of the stress from dealing with this has destroyed my love of the game.

I guess in the end people see guild officers as vehicles to get their phat loots, and completly ingnore the fact that guild leaders are in fact people too who just want to have fun like everybody else.