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LG's solar hybrid AC unit probably won't do much to cool your power bill {Engadget}

Jun 22nd 2010 5:33PM @Hazdaz Some people don't want to arrive home to an 85° house, regardless of the consequences to climate change. I keep the AC set at 70° 24/7.

Hands-on: Alan Wake {Joystiq}

Mar 2nd 2010 3:15PM You're right. It's because they're stupid enough to think that 1 pirated copy = 1 lost sale, which it doesn't. They might lose a few sales, but the vast majority of pirates never would've bought the copy anyway. In fact, the vast majority of pirates I know only buy consoles that they can mod, which they can do with the 360 too.

Win a copy of Things for Mac and iPhone {}

Dec 29th 2009 8:56PM Right now I use Google Calendar on my desktops & several apps on my iPhone, including Evernote, for keeping track of things such as trip itineraries or anything else one would normally keep on paper (receipts, notes about calls to customer service reps, etc); SmartTime Pro, for tasks and to sync with Gcal for both events and the tasks created by that app; 1Password Pro to keep track of all my card #s, logins, etc; and PageOnce Lite to remember when to transfer money to my checking account to cover upcoming bills.

Everything is working fine now except that I really would like a ScanSnap scanner to really create a paperless office along with Evernote (it's too tedious to do so using a flatbed scanner) and that SmartTime Pro doesn't give me enough control over my tasks, nor does it have a desktop app or the ability to add projects with sub-tasks. They are apparently working on a desktop app, but seem to work very slowly, and I'm not sure whether one will be available for Mac. The way STP schedules your tasks for you wherever you have free time for them is pretty cool, but it is also a bit slow even on a 3GS and it doesn't have enough contexts for assigning tasks (only has "work" and "home). For someone that doesn't have a traditional 9-5 job and is out at odd hours, it makes me spend too much time thinking about assigning my tasks the way the app will understand them, which is a waste of time.

I've tried Things on a friend's iPhone and loved it, but $9.99 is a bit steep for me as a newly-graduated student who is having a tough time finding a job in this economy.

Apple's 12 Days of Christmas iPhone app {}

Dec 26th 2009 4:58PM ^How does one set up a UK iTunes account without a UK credit/debit card?

Mitsubishi launches production of the iMiEV {Autoblog Green}

Jun 22nd 2009 2:40PM I like how a $4,100 difference is "a bit." Also, the price was initially reported as being ~$24,000 by Edmunds last year. Without gas being at least $4/gal and increasing, this is a hard sell. The new Prius and the Insight start at $20k and are larger and likely safer than this, both of which make it more appealing to most Americans.

Until you can appeal to people's pocket books over the relatively short term (say a traditional 3-4 year lease period), these types of vehicles won't take off here.

Live on the US Patch 3.1 PTR: XT-002 Deconstructor {WoW}

Mar 18th 2009 6:55PM LOL I don't even have a 70 let alone an 80. I'm smart enough to figure out when someone (or some company) is trying to milk me for my money with endless Fedex quests and artificial barriers to finishing quickly (being locked to raids etc). I've mostly given up gaming because real life is far more enjoyable when you put forth the effort to be successful.

The only reason I'm commenting is because I know someone in the guild and they have no life because of being totally committed to the stupid raid times.

I'm currently applying to medical school, so I'm not really that worried about "being the best WoW player I can be," but rather, the best student I can be. If only more of you guys focused on school, you'd be successful in life instead of just WoW. For instance, I've heard Amalyth (I may be wrong here, so forgive me if so) calls in sick to work if the PTR comes up unexpectedly.

Anyway, to each his own. I hope you guys get sponsored or something, because if you don't get some compensation, it's definitely not worth the opportunities you lose due to spending so much time playing; unless you're happy with mediocrity, that is. By the way, that is the proper use of a semicolon (yes, I'm being pedantic, thank you).

Live on the US Patch 3.1 PTR: XT-002 Deconstructor {WoW}

Mar 18th 2009 5:23AM @Uncearingbear. The bosses aren't always exactly the same going from PTR to live.

Either way, I think these guilds are all pathetic for doing PTR. They only do it so they can get a "precious" higher ranking on wow-jutsu etc. They really have no life; these guilds have to be available for PTR every single night, for as long as it goes.