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Encryped Text: One Rogue's take on Season 5 {WoW}

Mar 19th 2009 5:53PM Nice insight. The funny thing about the comments is all the "QQ" blather. In TBC, when Rogues were supposedly OP'ed, I had 70 Rogue, Warrior, and Priest. As a warrior, I used to actually take the time to emote a /lol and /golfclap at the poor rogue that tried desperately to poke through my massive Armor, Resil, and HP. Maybe 1:20+ rogue ever ganked me. Priest, pretty much same story. Rogues were never considered a real threat with decent PVP spec and resil. As a rogue, the only 'easy' kills were unaware and unprepared victims.

I am speaking solely from server PVP and BG experience. But, Rogues OPed? SRSLY? Rogues take no tactic? O'rly? So being a DK or Pali takes skill?? I have both and they are the most brain dead classes to play bar none.

Scream "nerf rogues" and "haha you suck" till your head explodes. Anyone with a 3 digit IQ knows the truth. Rogues are situational at best. Opportunists. I love my Ret Pally, and playing a DK was just to demeaning (since they require no skill to excel in), but I agree that both classes need serious adjustments. Rogues are balanced imho. Every class should have an anti-class, and Rogues have at least 3.

Stop spreading ignorance and hatred. It just makes you look childish and insecure.