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Danger Will Robinson! {WoW}

Jun 15th 2007 12:48PM @Hank: "There ARE trojans and viruses for the Mac"

Could you name three real quick?

CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XXI : Gates tells consumers to ditch DRMed tunes, buy CDs {Engadget}

Dec 15th 2006 7:54AM Gates is smart. He knows one of the things helping Windows stay dominant is the amount of Windows software that users have accumulated over the years. And he obviously sees the parallel between Windows software and iTunes Music Store songs... the more you have in your collection, the more inertia you have against switching formats.

Who knows what Gates' stance would be if PlaysForSure/WMA had swept the world and taken hold in a big way. It didn't, and it seems to me he'd like to find a way to at least blunt the momentum of the competing format. Every single FairPlay song that gets sold is 99c more inertia against Zune. 99c might not buy a lot of inertia by itself, but we know iTMS is moving a lot more songs than that every second...

If Gates convinces more people to buy CD's and not buy tracks on the iTunes store, that would lessen the impact of those non-Zuneable tracks building up on end user hard drives all over the world.

It's almost like asking for a "do over". When Microsoft is ahead, they want you to stick with the leader. When they are behind, they will plead for openness, interoperability, and adherence to standards so they can get their foot in the door.

Unreleased Mac Ad: The therapy isn't helping {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Sep 27th 2006 12:58AM Should have put this on the previous comment -

what were the first three viruses for OS X ? Which viruses does your post refer to ?

Unreleased Mac Ad: The therapy isn't helping {AdJab - Awaiting Deletion}

Sep 27th 2006 12:40AM Since Intel Macs have the choice of running MacOS X, x86-Windows and x86-Linux directly, which software is not available for Mac hardware exactly?

Too many Mac rumors {Engadget}

Aug 4th 2006 1:13AM @poster comparing Zune coverage to WWDC coverage:

Microsoft keeps doing these big vision announcements and it's months to years before the product materializes. More often than not, when Apple does an announcement at a Macworld or a WWDC, it's along the lines of "here it is, it goes on sale today, hope you like it". Not every single time, but frequently.

"Roadmaps" vs "Unveilings". Big difference. Next week might provide some relevant examples.