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Terminal Tip: Find out which files won't be backed up {}

Apr 12th 2011 11:27AM The reason that time machine dose not back up the iTunes Library.xml file is because that is redundant data that can be recreated using the iTunes Library.itl file. The ITL file is the real database that stores your playlists and ratings, the xml is just there so that third-party applications can also access that data.


Rumor: AirPrint support for Mac and PCs canceled {}

Nov 10th 2010 10:48AM This is fairly frustrating, as I had just figured out how to isolate and get the AirPrint service running on our print server last Friday -- and so far it was worked flawlessly.

Rumor: MacBook Air downsized details previewed {}

Oct 20th 2010 11:16AM Why would they put the power on the opposite side of the USB / Display-port? Doing so would make them difficult to use with the LED cinema displays, which doesn't really seem like Apple's style.

What would make more sense is Power / Display-port / USB on one side and the USB / SD on the other.

TUAW review and giveaway: Twelve South Compass iPad stand {}

Jul 22nd 2010 3:13PM South — if Im headed that way it means I'm headed home.

Apple issues official word on iPhone 4 reception: it's the bars, man {}

Jul 2nd 2010 10:40AM Apple does the same thing with the WiFi signal on their laptops. The 4 visible sections in the AirPort icon only represents the lower half of the spectrum because that is where it starts to have a noticeable impart on quality of service. If the visible sections were 100% proportional to possible signal strength, most users would constantly flip between 2 and 3 "bars" and complain, despite having plenty of signal to function.

What almost three weeks with an iPad has taught this blogger {}

Apr 22nd 2010 4:39PM Regarding Netflix on the AppleTV — it's simply not powerful enough. The ATV only has a 1ghz stripped down intel chip running a full OS on top (Tiger) with a modified version of frontrow running. It would struggle with SD streams and wouldn't be able to handle any HD streams (which I realize is the same case with the Wii, but it dosen't seem like something Apple would be content with).

AppleCare without Apple stores... still worth it {}

Apr 19th 2010 10:09AM I have ALWAYS bought AppleCare via Ebay and never had a problem with it. Just make sure you buy it from a reputable seller (just like everything else on ebay)

Win a copy of Things for Mac and iPhone {}

Dec 25th 2009 11:24AM Currently just using Mail and iCal -- yea not the best :P

TUAW Review and giveaway: BackPack for iMac and Cinema Display {}

Dec 3rd 2009 2:08PM Will a Mac Mini fit on there? Hopefully I'll be able to find out :)

Breakfast Topic: How many of you play on a Mac? {WoW}

Nov 21st 2009 12:42PM Honestly, I think the cost thing is moot. Yes Macs always cost more upfront, but people need to look at the total cost of ownership.

I had my first MacBook Pro for 4 years, all I ever needed to upgrade was the memory. In that same time my roomate when through two HP laptops (not to mention what he spent on replacing failed parts).

I used to have a tower I built for gaming, but I found that when I had the option of upgrading things piece by piece I wound up spending way more money for usually minimal gain. To a certain point not being able to crack open my Mac and replace the GPU helps me stay satisfied with what I have.