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Recent Comments: TCG Loot Giveaway: Sandbox Tiger and the Flag of Ownership {WoW}

Oct 13th 2009 4:13PM I've seen that flag in game, it's quite humorous when alliance try to rambo into the WG chamber post-win and run into a couple forming raids, only to try to zone into the raid instance and fail horribly.

Scattered Shots: So you want to be a Hunter - Part 2 Levels 1-9 {WoW}

Aug 19th 2009 3:52PM It's a double-edged huntardy sword 'of the whale to talk about stuff like armor pen and hit rating in a level 1-10 post. It's good to know, but really you're not gonna see much of those things until your 40s or 50s if not later (unless you're decked out in heirloom gear. then why would you need a stat guide?) Just focus on agility and a perhaps a tad of intellect and you'll be fine. Not that those other stats are bad, but if you're concerned about your armor penetration rolling into Scarlet Monastery, than you may have issues

The one thing you CAN do from the start is to learn to kite and jumpshot! Unless you enjoy playing a spellcaster and standing still much of the time, popin' in a show on dvd or something in the background while your (eventual) pet does the work, one of the fun draws to being a hunter is having nearly all of your core abilities have no channeling time. Think of yourself as the Humvee that backs up the tank!

The best advice to give to a hunter starting out is not to do it alone! Rogues do it from behind, you don't wanna do it by yourself forever: think about crowd control and go to your interface options and turn on threat percentages everywhere (unless you wish to take the plunge into addons,) and start thinking about how you can manage with more than 2 enemies at once (add one more for every 10 levels.)

Make friends with good tanks run old content, because believe me, it sucks trying to learn what you should have known 50 levels ago and being the laughing stock of a pick up group. While the game is no longer balanced toward lower level instances, making them easier, you'll still always run into that pug tank or healer who isn't quite up to par (especially if you use the LFG channel constantly.)

Then again, if you do choose to solo to 80, now's the time to do it because it seems that Blizzard is pulling away from serious crowd controll in instances and raids (we'll see with Icecrown,) streamlining in favor of AoE tanking.

(Also, be sure to ask a veteran hunter about arcane spell power! But if s/he says you should use it, they're trying to deceive you.)

Scattered Shots: Cunning PvP Pets {WoW}

Jul 24th 2009 12:49AM To my understanding, Sonic Blast is being changed to cost a nasty 80 focus on all ranks. I guess they don't like a ranged stun that is rather short with a minute cooldown too much. Interesting also because bats are now very underused (unless it's a ZG bat on a hunter that hasn't been touched for a few years...)

The Nether Ray I find demands much skill to use it's ability in pvp. Haven't gotten to that point of effectively using it, and even found more success with Serpents. Then again if I spent more time with other classes I'd be more used to interrupts.

Some people swear by Chimeras in pvp, just for the large wings filling up view on more inexperienced players, along with a ranged snare.

I would suggest against using a Sporebat as an offensive pet in pvp. If you're dealing with a warrior, you shouldn't be letting them in melee range in the first place. A 3% reduction of armor that requires them to stay in one spot (most likely, say, a huntard standing in place in pvp,) that removes itself about 3 seconds after leaving the cloud will not compensate for any lost snare, or interrupt or even contributed dps of a ferocity pet. Pending on the situation, lingering clouds would more likely break polymorphs, freeze traps, sleeps, fears, etc. I don't know if the cloud breaks stealth, and even if it did, would be much to situational.

While depending on the BG, I tend to find Dash/Dive more useful than Boars Speed. Any snaring creature with dash is great for tagging stragglers or scouts more mobile games. Neither are going to catch up with a mount, but sometimes with a dash, is generally easier to intercept and apply a snare.

I'm not sure if I'd spend points in Feeding Frenzy for BG games. perhaps in lower levels, but generally, if a players is down to 35%, they're going to be one-shotted by your Kill Shot, or whatever Execute-cooldown your teammate would have. You'd be better off dropping the points into Cobra, because, I dunno, you want those Wolverine bites I guess... Even a point into Owl's Focus may be more helpful in some setups (say if your crit is somehow far too low to send into GftT effctively.)

I had thought a Roar of Sacrifice macro script to you or your healer (pre 3.1) should be mandatory if you roll with a cunning pet in BGs, regardless of spec. Granted there are more changes coming to the skill next patch. I'm not on the ptr, so I'm not sure if it's still transfering a fraction of all incoming damage now or just granting immunity to critical strike damage. If it's the latter only than it's a pretty nasty nerf (along with the slight increase in cooldown.) Otherwise it may be getting slightly more of it's use back for pvp and pve. A build or two ago, it was also chaned so that the damage the pet recieved was counted as Nature damage: honestly I'm not sure if this was a tweak to reduce a fraction of the fraction from the pet's inherent resistances or if it actually increases damage to them somehow...

Between choosing a a disarm, a slow, or a stun, it's really a toss up. It all comes down to what balance of classes come to that BG game. You have 5 slots, and can call your pet from most anywhere now for those games - grab a couple you like, one for anti-melee/burst one for anti-casters/healers. Or a Ravager. I'd use one if they weren't so damned ugly.

Unexpected crashes and downtime hit multiple servers {WoW}

May 18th 2009 9:14PM We had a fairly long AV game going on (well by today's standards, had this been years ago...) Neck and neck, towers demolished, reinforcements under 50 on both sides, both teams on each others doorstep...

*Disconnected from Server.

Win more TCG loot with WoW Insider {WoW}

May 5th 2009 12:50PM oh why not=)

Behind the scenes of WoW's bandwidth {WoW}

Mar 24th 2009 10:55AM I kinda wonder if random parses of peoples chatlog data, or whispers are monitored by the NSA... I'm sure stranger things are happening.