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All the World's a Stage: Drawing the line on ERP {WoW}

Mar 24th 2009 7:55PM I roleplay on my RP server, and I ERP on my RP server. I keep anything explicit in private channels - /party or /whisper. I include ERP in my repetoire because sexuality is a part of personality. It is a factor in interpersonal interactions. It shouldn't need justifying if it is how people wish to play the game, as the EULA and TOS do allow for problem players to be censured by Blizzard if their behavior becomes offensive to others.

I don't keep my stuff private specifically to protect minors, but to be considerate of others. Almost all other ERPers I know do the same. Some few get a kick out of exhibitionism, and posting mature content in /emotes or /say or even /yell. When they do, the rest of the community has the wherewithal to register a complaint by notifying a GM. They should avail themselves of that.

The activity that never disturbs anyone is activity that never draws controversy or complaint. A shame that the egregious exceptions become the poster-children of those who play responsibly.

All the World's a Stage: Drawing the line on ERP {WoW}

Mar 24th 2009 7:20PM Blood Knight mail armor uses those models. Bonechewer leathers show off one's caboose better, though.