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Breakfast Topic: If you could add game mechanic to WoW what would it be {WoW}

Apr 28th 2009 9:09AM I'd like to be able to do everything on a gryphon: auction house (but no mail box), craft things, etc. It always seems like wasted time; is the flight from darn to theramore something like 15 minutes? That's ridiculous when you cant do anything!

Something to make guilds more powerful would be awesome too — maybe guild HQs: which you make by buying special resources with badges or something, and for each level of the guild HQ, you get more DPS, mana-regain, etc. for everyone in that guild when in a raid. So not only is it a role-playing kind of thing, but it'd be a fundamental part of any raiding guild.

Also guild gear: you buy special guild-shared gear with badges, and anyone in the guild can use it (not at the same time though.) They'd be expensive, but a cool way to help alts catch up.

And what I want most of all, is cross fraction communication, and also the ability to group with them (though, not join a guild with them.) Okay, the lore says we should be enemies, but I don't see any point of splitting a realm down the middle (or in some cases, a very unbalanced split), when we already do our business next to each other in dalaran! It could massively shorten the time it takes to find a PuG, if hordes and alliance could group together! Maybe also have a mechanic where you have to "agree" to be the ally with the cross fraction players for x minutes after the group is debanded, just so somebody cant backstab for the lulz.

Curse, WoW Interface band together to block WoWMatrix {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 10:26AM It uses more bandwidth? Seriously? They must think we're dumb!

Firstly the Curse client uses far more bandwidth than WoWMatrix, and secondly WoWMatrix keeps it's own cache, so that lowers Curses bandwidth/CPU time even more.

The real reason is they realized WoWMatrix is a million times better than the Curse client, and instead of trying to compete with it, they've just blocked it, so $$$ is the real reason; especially with the future premium service....which I hope Blizzard stops; it's just the same as charging for individual addons. :)

Ghostcrawler speaks on Arenas and Battlegrounds {WoW}

Mar 28th 2009 8:08PM Arena should loose the score, and just keep the points, giving you 10 for each match you play, and 10 extra for each kill your team gets (or what ever number so people don't QQ that they're welfare epics...before they run off to a naxx run and come out with several new pieces of gear, plus badges, within a few hours, which somehow aren't welfare epics cause they spent 5 mins reading the tactics on wowwiki...pure skill!!11)

Also classes which are squishy should get a arena only buff so they can't be 3 hitted. I mean, we have crowd control, but its obviously not enough.…it'd be enough if we could keep them there for a guaranteed 4 seconds and somehow instantly do 6k+ DPS. That's how it feels for me at the moment, anyway…

3.1 patch notes updated {WoW}

Mar 27th 2009 6:51PM My Recount says otherwise, UA is ahead, but not by far; For me (deep affliction) it works out at around 10% for each spells, so that one nerf has cost 10% of locks DPS. Maybe the other small buffs make up for that, not sure. Doesn't really matter for PvE (we don't do too bad), but we really need something more in PvP, way too many classes can rip us to shreds — in PvE Blizzard have said "bring the player, not the class", yet this couldn't be further from the truth in PvP.

Warlock general PvP tactics:
Hide as much as you can, blend in, and try to do as much damage before they see you, fear, wait less than a second, watch them dispel it in one way or another, and smash you up within 3 swings.

Warlocks PvP tactics against rogues:
Spam your instant dots and become overjoyed when you get one on before you die…then /cry when you realize you've just done ~2000 dmg over 20 seconds....when each of their hits did 1500 each.

Warlocks tactics against pallies:
OMG we may get some honor here....oh wait...BUBBLE?! HEAL TO 100%?! RAPE US AS WE'RE BANDAGING?! /weep

You get the idea, we suck, especially since Fear has been nerfed to hell...

Sorry I'm QQing too much now, I just love my Warlock so much, and watching him get pwned every time another player sees me is getting me down...

3.1 patch notes updated {WoW}

Mar 27th 2009 6:00PM As a warlock, I'll just go and QQ some more....not only have we not been buffed to actually not feel like a practice dummy in PvP, we've had a pretty big buff, see afflictions main spells:|6014|4867|4552|2015|1750|187|28&chds=0,16878&chco=9482CA,9482CA,9482CA,C41F3B,9482CA,9482CA,C79C6E,9482CA&chm=t++8439++curse_of_agony,9482CA,0,0,15|t++6014++siphon_life,9482CA,1,0,15|t++4867++unstable_affliction,9482CA,2,0,15|t++4552++immolate,C41F3B,3,0,15|t++2015++shadow_bolt,9482CA,4,0,15|t++1750++haunt,9482CA,5,0,15|t++187++succubus_melee,C79C6E,6,0,15|t++28++lash_of_pain,9482CA,7,0,15&chtt=Warlock_T7_55_00_16|Damage+Per+Execute+Time&chts=000000,20

And then have a read of this:

"Unstable Affliction and Immolation are now in the same exclusive category (both damage- over- time effects cannot be present at the same time by the same caster on a target)."


Arena Season 6 details revealed {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 8:50PM Arenas are so unbalanced, when you first set eyes on your opponents in the arena, the worst first thought you should have is "OK this isn't going to be easy", yet if your a caster, you often feel you may as well /kneel, /cry and take your punishment for not rolling a melee. So then melees get arena gear faster, making it even more unbalanced.

Teams which have little chance in an arena should get a arena only buff of some kind like you do in WG when your fraction is outnumbered.