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Russian commercial rips off Lich King trailer {WoW}

Jan 21st 2010 3:24PM Plushenko, like most Russian skaters, claims to be straight. If Johnny Weir were doing this, on the other hand....

Thanks for the clip, it was pretty hilarious.

No sanctuary cities in Cataclysm {WoW}

Jan 13th 2010 11:07PM Yeah, not sure what the gratuitous Horde-hate was doing in this column. Fine to have faction pride, but maybe regular columnists shouldn't stoke the fires? Just a thought....

Shifting Perspectives: The druid of 2009, Page 3 {WoW}

Jan 7th 2010 1:48PM Amen. Flat-out best, most amusing yet incisive writing on the website -- which is high praise, since *lots* of the other writers are awesome too. And for the record, this English teacher is with you on the merits of Tintern Abbey :)

Arcane Brilliance: Mage leveling guide, 41 to Outland {WoW}

Nov 14th 2009 9:58PM Uh, I think it was just a clever, self-deprecating way of inviting people to submit their screenshots, much like a couple other columnists do. Christian writes some of the most detailed and wittiest columns on the site ... I don't think laziness is the issue here, and I don't think you've read his writing very closely if you think that it is.

Shifting Perspectives: The disappearance of the bear {WoW}

Oct 21st 2009 11:15AM Ditto re: getting to Part Two and the pure win that is Allison's prose, thoughtfulness, and thoroughness. Can't wait to get the other parts :)

Ask a Faction Leader: Prophet Velen {WoW}

Oct 20th 2009 1:18PM Grand Crusader Snowe is made of win....

Breakfast Topic: Oh, Trade chat {WoW}

Aug 2nd 2009 3:32PM Yay for the Winter's Tale shoutout! One of my favorite Shakespeare plays....

This just further confirms Allison Roberts' place in my heart.

Loot, rationality, and the Sunwell effect, part II {WoW}

Apr 24th 2009 12:56PM First of all, Allison, I would KILL if my students wrote half as well as you do; it's really a delight to read both your prose and your argumentation. Less pedantically: I heart you big time. I agree with everything you've written here, but feel that you leave one crucial thing out.

That crucial thing, which other posters have commented on, is that the current system unfairly leaves 10-man raiders stuck with the "old" Naxx-25 badge gear. Given the ease of 25-Naxx pugging, many of them likely had that gear already; even if they didn't, it cheats them of one big aspect of the sense of newness that's a chief incentive to do new content. I think Ulduar-10 is a lot harder than Naxx-25; Ulduar-10 raiders shouldn't really be consigned to wearing the "cast-me-downs" of players in bigger guilds. It would not have been that hard for Blizzard to create a fourth badge-loot table for them; I think it's a shame that they didn't.

But as I say, wonderfully written and well-reasoned post, 99% of which I agree with.

Breakfast Topic: When did WoW click for you? {WoW}

Mar 26th 2009 8:57AM Lots of moments, but if I had to pick one, it would be the first time I got to the Great Lift in southern Barrens. I'd never taken an elevator in game before, and I was unprepared for the whoosh, the sweep, the 3D-ness of the game that I hadn't really seen or taken in to that point. I think it was a particularly pretty time of day, too ... that plus the noble, rhythmic tauren music sealed the deal :)