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Gameplanet interviews Cory Stockton and Greg Street {WoW}

Jun 18th 2010 7:55AM Wow, I'm glad that they are adding heroic versions of Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Dire Maul, Stratholme and Scholomance. The higher level instances (DM, Strat and Scholo) were so fun to do at level 60 in vanilla WoW. It was challenging and best of all, the dungeon was large and not linear, straightforward and boring after the first 5 times like some dungeons in WotLK. I certainly hope that they would invent some story and background info regarding why players have to go back to these instances.

I guess for Deadmines, it has something to do with that Catclysm daily screenshot where part of Westfall is blown skyhigh by the Cataclysm. Maybe the instance is filled with Twilight's Hammer cultists and elementals?

For Shadowfang Keep, something to do with the Worgen perhaps? Maybe Arugal refuses to go on that one-way trip to the Twisting Nether and is back again, seeking to the vengeance? Maybe he's enslaving or kidnapping local Gilnean citizens and undoing their cure for Worgen curse and turn them back into full-fledged worgen to serve him and, I don't know... take over the world?

Have completely no idea for Dire Maul.

For Scholomance, maybe the remaining Death Knights, Liches and cultists of the Cult of the Damned are trying to spread their propaganda to attract more members to restart the Scourge? They could be hindering the efforts of cleansing the Plaguelands or developing some sort of new brainwashing drug that works not only on living things but, also on the Forsaken, in a bid to increase the number of undead under their control.

Maybe Stratholome could have the same story with Scholomance. Don't think the Scarlet Crusade/Onslaught are still holed up in there. Any survivors are probably long gone and the rest are stranded on Northrend.

One thing I hope they will do with these instances is create new bosses revelant to the story and not the Naxx problem: Naxxramas has moved to Northrend and Kel'thuzad is restored to power. Fine. But, hey! Every boss has been ressed as well and are exactly the same. What?! Doesn't make sense as they don't have a phylactery like KT.

Around Azeroth: Ugly to the bone {WoW}

Jan 26th 2010 11:30AM Wow, this is getting ridiculous and out of hand. Slog, get out of here. Are you mentally retarded or just blind? Elizabeth was simply comparing the guy's armour to the clown costumes of ICP. She was not insulting the band or the fans.

You are being really immature too, by the look of the way you are ranting. I mean, its JUST A JOKE. Don't get crazy. Nevermind, scratch that, you already are.

Guildwatch: "You guys raid like little girls" {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2009 2:55AM @ Ed

I have to disagree with you. Like what the others have said, the applicant is the unprofessional one. Insulting the guild that he was applying to is hardly mature. I feel that the GM did the right thing.

That 30 year old guy acting like a whiny kid. I have seen teenagers more mature than him... According to the forums, he kept pestering the GM whether he could make it into the guild. That was why they rejected him.As the GM said, "We didn't reject you because you weren't a big enough "wow nerd". We rejected you as a person." Meaning, they did not reject his dps and playstyle, just his bad, childish, immature, idiotic attitude.

The GM was the mature one. And of course he retaliated. Even then, the GM retaliated in a clam, civil way. Anyhow, wouldn't you feel annoyed to have someone calling you a "loser", "wow nerd", etc?

Two Bosses Enter: Mal'Ganis vs. Ormorok the Tree-Shaper {WoW}

Jul 31st 2009 8:21AM Oops, I forgot to edit my essay. Sorry for the horrible grammatical errors! =)

Two Bosses Enter: Mal'Ganis vs. Ormorok the Tree-Shaper {WoW}

Jul 31st 2009 7:40AM I think Mal'ganis would beat Ormorokk up. But the fight would be close. After all, Mal'ganis is a dreadlord commander and is still in his right mind. Omorokk seems to have lost it due to all that Arcane Energy treatment in the Nexus. Even is he was sane, he seems a little dense and retarded as compared to the cold, calculating Dreadlord.

Now for the fight!

This fight will probably take place in Omorokk's chambers... Omorokk stands still like a statue in the centre of the room, whose walls are completely covered with large crystalline vines, roots and crystals. The air literally crackles with purple-blue Arcane energy that flashes wildly, seemingly with a life of its own.

Mal'ganis walks into the room, killing the crystallised Lashers that wander around while muttering to himself, 'Of all the contestants I can fight, I have to take on a walking lump of rock?!'

Shouting at Omorokk, 'Lets just get this over with... Prepare to die!' With that, Mal'ganis charges at him, drawing power within him to send out a giant wave of disease, plague and insects (Carrion Swarm). 'Nooo!' Omorokk shouts and with a wave of his hands, draws Arcane energy from the surroundings to form a shield around him (Spell Reflection).

Mal'ganis' eyes widened in shock as his spell rebounded towards him. He tries to dodge, but it was too late. 'Arghh!!!' He screamed in agony. 'You will pay for that!' Thinking to himself, 'Looks like I'll have to face him in direct combat...' Mal'ganis charges against Omorokk, slashing and punching his rocky form. Omorokk pounds the ground hard, causing tremors everywhere and knocking Mal'ganis down. While he tries to regain his balance, Omorokk gestures and rumbles, 'My children, aid me!' (Summon Crystal Tanglers)

Omorokk and his companions charge towards Mal'ganis. However, the cunning dreadlord draws more power and sends another swarm of insects and plague against the group, instantly vapourising the small plants and injuring Omorokk.

Omorokk roars in pain. 'You bleed and die now!' As he forcefully raises his hands, crystal spikes shoot out of the ground, nearly impaling Mal'ganis. Fortunately, Mal'ganis used his wings to hover just above the spikes. 'That was a close call,' mutters Mal'ganis. 'I think I need to feed...'

The dreadlord draws a sign in the air, activating his Vampiric Aura and starts to slash Omorokk. Omorokk grunts in pain. His two beady amber eyes widen in surprise as he sees Mal'ganis' wounds close up and heal. The rock giant let loose an ear-shattering roar as his body, creaked and grew. Omorokk growls, 'Puny demon die now!'. He smashes the ground (Trample), disrupting Mal'ganis' Sleep spell and starts pounding Mal'ganis.

Mal'ganis thought, 'If he keeps this up, I'll lose for sure. Time to cheat a little...' With that, Mal'ganis raises his hands and teleports some distance behind Omorokk. Meanwhile, Omorokk looks around in surprise. The cunning dreadlord shouted, 'I'm over here, stupid!'
Thinking to himself, 'That lump of rock seems to be at his limit, a blast of shadow magic should finish him.' Omorokk whips around and roars in anger. As the giant charged at his adversary, he raised his arms... and spikes shot through the ground again. Mal'ganis' gasped in shock and nearly faltered in his spell casting. Intoning words of darkness, at the last second, a flash of darkness erupted around Omorokk's head. Mal'ganis' opponent suddenly stopped in his tracks and crashed onto the floor.

Mal'ganis muttered, 'Perhaps I underestimated him... A split second too late and I would have been killed.' Mal'ganis won, but it was close...

Breakfast Topic: When are we going to see the rest of the Chamber of Aspects? {WoW}

Jun 20th 2009 11:43AM Currently, the reason why we are allowed into the Obsidian Sanctum is that Deathwing is using his former (now dead) consort, Sintharia's research and the corrupted eggs she collected over the centuries to create Twilight Drakes. These Twilight Drakes are far more powerful than any dragon and mature very quickly. Sartharion and the 3 Drakes are guarding the eggs until they hatch into more Twilight Drakes. This is based from the book 'Night of the Dragon' by Richard A Knaak. The story is about Sintharia creating the first Twilight Drake Dargonax. However, he rebels against his creator. With Rhonin and Co attacking, both Dargonax and Sintharia dies. Meanwhile, Deathwing, in his lair under Grim Batol secretely collects the eggs and continues the experiments.

For the Green Dragonflight portal, its probably into the Emerald Dread where we help Ysera and Malfurion fight off the Nightmare. This might be opened only in another expansion.

For the Bronze Dragonflight portal, its probably something to do with the Infinite Dragonflight. Also, Nozdormu seems to be invovled with the Infinites.( From the questline Chromie gives in the Dragonblight) He could be leading them and us adventurers need to knock some sense into him.

For the Blue Dragonflight portal, its probably the continuation of the Nexus War where a new leader is being chosen since Malygos is dead. Maybe even, some blue dragons and traitor mages have realised what they have done is wrong and are trying to fight back. thus, they are seeking our help. If so, this portal might open when Crystalsong Forest starts having quests and such.

For the Red Dragonflight portal, perhaps Deathwing is trying to steal more eggs to continue his experiments with the Twilight Drakes, since he lost months and months of hard work when adventurers killed Sartharion and Co and destroyed the corrupted eggs.

OR The Scourge has found a way into the portal and are wreaking havoc there, such as raising Emberwyrms and trying to steal magic to fuel their war effort.

Two Bosses Enter: Drakos the Interrogator vs. Salramm the Fleshcrafter {WoW}

May 8th 2009 7:48AM Sorry for the typos in the above post wirtten by me...

Two Bosses Enter: Drakos the Interrogator vs. Salramm the Fleshcrafter {WoW}

May 8th 2009 7:45AM I'd say Salramm will win.

This is how the fight will go:

Both Salramm and Drakos first hurl insults at each other.

Salramm starts by casting Shadowbolts at Drakos while Drakos charges Salramm, attacking him. Salramm would have already got at least 2 Shadowbolts at Drakos.

Next, while Drakos starts putting out those arcane bombs everywhere, Salramm will be busy reanimating Ghouls. Drakos then uses Magic Pull, pulling Salramm and his undead friends right into the mass of exploding bombs.

Ok, Drakos has the upper hand right now, with him being only minorly injured and Salramm probably having 40% of his health blown away. Salramm now plays his ace: casting the Curse of Twisted Flesh on Drakos, therefore reducing his max health by 25%. That is followed up by a Steal Flesh and Shadowbolt combination. That one Shadowbolt, buffed by steal Flesh, will destory a large portion of Drakos' health, probalby leaving him with 50% health, with his life draining away.

Drakos will be summoning bombs and using a Magic Pull + Thundering Stomp combination. However, the necromancer had summoned more help. This time, the moment Salramm and his minions are Magic Pulled to Drakos, he will quickly cast Explode Ghoul in Drakos's face, just before the bombs go off.

By now, Salramm would have been left with about 25% health, due to the bombs. He quickly casts the Curse before Drakos can attempt another Magic Pull. Drakos's health would have been drastically reduced due to this. While Drakos frantically lays out more bombs, Salramm uses Steal Flesh followed up by Shadowbolts.

This time, Drakos will die due to the sheer augmented damage of the Shadowbolts. But it will be a close fight.

PS: Of course, what do u expect? It WILL be a close fight 'cos we got a powerul dragonkin commander against a puny mortal hunman wearing a dress!

Two Bosses Enter: Prince Keleseth vs. Grand Magus Telestra {WoW}

Mar 27th 2009 5:05AM Grand Magus Telestra would beat up Prince Keleseth.

In the beginning of the fight, both of them will be flining spells at each other, the Prince flinging Shadowbolts and Telestra throwing Firebombs.

After a while, Keleseth will summon Skeletons and put up Cone Shield but Telestra will quickly use Gravity Well to keep them busy before using an Ice Nova + Firebomb combination on them.

Next, Keleseth will attempt to freeze her with Frost Tomb, but the Grand Magus would just teleport away and use Mirror Images (thats why in Nexus, she disappears and her clones appear, she ports off for a while) to summon her elemental clones.

So, she gets out of the Frost Tomb. Keleseth will then summon more Skeletons to keep Fire clone busy. He also puts up Bone Armor to black some damage. He Ice Tombs the Arcane clone, therefore preventing her from casting Time Stop. He then attacks the Frost clone. By then, the Fire clone would have killed off the Skeletons and is now trying to free the Arcane Clone. Keleseth kills the Arcane Clone and tries to beat down the last clone.

By this time, Keleseth is nearly dead from getting zapped by lots of magic but Telestra probably has about 50% health as Keleseth's Shadowbolts packs a punch.

Keleseth then tries to summon another batch of Skeletons and puts up Bone Armor again. However, an Ice Nova +Firebomb combination kills of the skeletons and rips the Prince's Bone Armor off.

Keleseth fires Shadowbolts and attempts a last Ice Tomb. Telestra uses Mirror Image to escape. This time, the clones casts spells at Keleseth simultaneously, finally killing of the San'Layn Prince.

That's my 2 cents on how the fight will end. Sorry for the long text.

As I said before, Telestra will win, but it will be a close match.