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Around Azeroth: One down, many to go {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 11:07AM Not really. I'm a lvl 80 prot warrior. I can 2 man with the help of my good friend Minimorc (resto druid) but that just takes friggin forever.

Breakfast Topic: Missing features {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2009 11:04AM In response to BobTDraenei:
Having a quest chain to open up Gnomeregan would be a complete waste of time. As explained in an earlier Breakfast Topic post (and in a much more eloquent way than I could do) Gnomeregan is an area infested with RADIATION! Chernobyl is still uninhabited decades after the incident happened. To be fair its only been what, like 10 years at most, in game, since that place became the radiation filled area it is now. Besides who wants another "city" when they could be working on better content, like perhaps Grim Batol, or maybe Uldum in Patch 3.2 areas that have been around since creation but also havnt been fully implemented. And both areas have something to do with WOTLK. Uldum in that it finishes of the Titan areas of:Uldaman, Ulduar, Scholozar, Un'Goro etc. Grim Batol has to do with Obsidian Sanctum because of the Twilight Drakes and the Black Dragonflight leader. Or how bout the Human Kingdom that went and disappeared as far as the game's map is concerned.
In-game housing is well another waste of an idea imo. Why not guild alliances that work better than just our GL's saying we are gonna raid with these guys from now on. Or a Guild Hall were we can put our old Tier Armor and other Accomplishments...etc etc etc.
Have a good day everyone

WoW Moviewatch: Frontline Preview {WoW}

Mar 29th 2009 11:50AM Hmmm well as far most machinima go it was pretty good I'd say. While it ended abruptly that's kinda ok. We knew it was a trailer, or a "what I've finished so far" video and it ended on a good part (the cliffhanger of the 2v2 fight there works). As far as the music goes well it works for the video. Everyone has they're song and while most won't agree on one song it's the creator's choice. And obviously Red chose what he thought sounded best for his vision.
As far as Cowtipper's comments, why do you dislike Machinima? While most out there aren't good there are the few rare gems like this one (can't even imagine how much time it took you Red, kudos), the Grind Halloween Special, etc etc. And that's just WoW Machinima. To openly say you dislike something is fine but if you don't like it and others do that's too bad. Machinima is a part of WoW and therefore WoWInsider has the right to do "exposés on the latest machinima videos" as you so eloquently put it. Freedom of Speech is a double edged sword my friend. If you don't like it enough to comment on a section devoted entirely to Machinima then you should just stop reading WoWInsider. You're like the hypocritical people who complain about God being on our money but then continue to use it. Or the hypocritical government that says we can't have the 10 Commandments (some of the best Life Instructions in the world lol) in front of a courthouse but then openly have you place your hand on a Bible and "swear to God" to tell the whole truth and nothing but. Next time you have a problem with a Machinima article dude just skip over it. No one made you watch that movie so don't bitch about it. If they bother you so much you could have simply scrolled up like 3 inches and gone on to a different article.
Anyway I've said my peace and counted to 10. Hope you all enjoy reading my comment. Good day to you all.